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Man Had Wooden Splinters Stuck In His Head For 5 Years!
The bizarre case of a Chinese man is being shared by the medical staff to make people aware of the side effects of ignoring your injuries. A man recently turned up at a hospital in Yunnan Province, China, after he suffered ...
Man Had Wooden Splinters Stuck In His Head For 5 Years

Doctor Plasters Young Boy’s Nonfractured Arm!
The first thing you want when you visit the hospital is for the doctor to hear out what is the actual cause of your pain. But there are times when medics do not pay the needed attention and this can be ...
Doctor Treat Boys Non Fractured Arm
Holding Back A Sneeze Ruptured A Man's Throat!
Experimenting with your health and body can lead to some dangerous outcomes. This is the case of a young man who stifled his sneeze to end up with a hole in his throat. All he did was experimenting with the force ...
Holding Back A Sneeze Ruptured A Mans Throat
Crocodile Entered The Temple And People Worshipped It
Various animals and birds are worshipped in Hinduism. People tend to feed and pray these animals with complete dedication. But what happens when the animal they worship is something that can be really dangerous? Sounds crazy right? But we Indians, tend ...
Bodybuilder Uses Oil Injections To Increase Muscle Size
To look fit and fine, people can go to any extreme. From extreme dieting to following some of the bizarre tricks that will help you stay thin, people tend to do just anything. While on the other side, you would see ...
Brazilian Bodybuilder Uses Oil Injections To Boost Muscle Size
Yoga Teacher Drinks Her Own Urine Every Morning
Finding a cure to your illness can be quite hard, especially when you have to be on constant medication. This often leads to frustration. In a desperate effort to give up medication and lead a normal life, people tend to try ...
Yoga Teacher Does Urotherapy Every Morning
Bizarre Things You Can Buy In China
China is a country known for a lot of counterfeit products. They are built in such a way that these products are difficult to differentiate from the original. Apart from making counterfeit products, the country is also popular for some of ...
Bizarre Things You Can Buy In China
Mum Was Shocked To Discover This In Her Child’s Mouth
Imagine you waking up and finding something unusual and bizarre happening to your baby? Something similar happened to this woman who revealed that she found an unusual black spot in her baby's mouth! A concerned mum named Darian Depreta was filled ...
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