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Teenager Loses His Life After Getting Stuck In A Meat Grinder

By Nia

Death can be unpredictable and very painful in some cases. While people die in their sleep, there are those whose deaths can disturb us all. This is one such case of the painful death of a youngster who had joined work, just two weeks before his death!

A sausage factory worker lost his life in a freak accident in the Philippines after he was accidentally dragged headfirst into a meat mixing machine.

The employee, Jomar Junco, was 18 years old and he had been working at the factory in Iloilo City for two weeks before he was killed in the freak accident.

It is believed that the teenager had got his right arm caught in the meat mincing machine and it dragged him inside.

It is reported that the teen did not know how to work the machine as it was not a part of his job. A senior co-worker was supposed to operate the deadly machine.

The accident happened in a few moments when the co-worker had stepped away for a moment and the teen tried to operate the machine alone. When the co-worker returned, he saw the teen's legs sticking out of the machine. He rushed to turn it off, but it was very late and the teen was stuck inside the machine.

The cops were called and they managed to extract the teen's body which they claim to have been still intact even while he was stuck in the machine.

The funeral director, Ardee Porras, told the local media that she believed that Jomar had actually died due to suffocation. They revealed that his body was not ground; unfortunately, he was just stuck inside the grinder.

The owner of the factory revealed that Junco's job was to only pack the finished products and that he should not have been operating any machinery since he was still new at his workplace.

For those who are wondering about how the meat grinding machine looks like, check the below video.

Story first published: Saturday, June 29, 2019, 10:00 [IST]