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Girl Wants To Meet Her Mum Who Abandoned Her 14 Years Ago!
What would you do if you realised that you were willingly abandoned by your parents at the time of birth? Sounds disturbing right? The way one would react to this situation may vary depending on the maturity level of the individuals. ...
Video: Ex Girlfriend Barges Into Wedding Wearing Bridal Dress
The only fear a person who has had a rough break-up will be that of being gatecrashed at the wedding by his/her ex. Couples, who end their relationships on a sour note, have this fear - especially when their exes are ...
Video Of Ex Girlfriend Barging Into Wedding Is Going Viral
Meet The 10 Richest YouTubers
Imagine getting paid for something that you just love doing! From sharing your daily chores to unboxing products to a lot more and you get paid for it? Sounds fancy, right? But this is what individuals on YouTube are doing and ...
List Of The Richest Youtubers
This Eerie-looking Town Has UFO-shaped Houses
Though there are many mysteries that surround the existence of the UFOs, there is no concrete evidence of aliens existing. Inspired by the UFOs a certain developer decided to build houses that look like UFOs. The project was started in ...
Meet The Grandpa Who Plays Pokemon Go With 11 Phones
While the Pokemon Go fever of 2016 may now have become history for most of us, but not for this 70-year-old man who has taken his enthusiasm for Pokemon-chasing to in-your-face levels. He is a Taiwanese Fengshui master Chen San-Yuan who ...
Grandpa Play Pokemon Go With 11 Phones And Becomes Internet Sensation
Check Out How The Boy Pronounces ‘Happiness’!
We love to cherish memories and to record them and watching them later is something that we all do! Most of us are always excited about baby videos, and this is because it is still a thrill to see what these ...
Boy Mispronounces Happiness In A Cute Way
All That This Little Girl Wanted To Do Was To Fly
As kids when we watched cartoons and movies, we believed that everything was for real. There were so many times when we had tried to become Superman or Batman and tried their antics as well. Here is a video of ...

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