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A Rat Was Found Inside Raw Chicken Left Outside A Coffee Shop

Sometimes eating food from a restaurant seems to be the best option to save some time during your busy schedule.

But how sure are you that the food that you are consuming is cooked in a hygienic manner?

Sounds crazy right, as you would eventually pay no attention to the details and yet consume the food? Well, this case will surely make you THINK TWICE about eating outside - a rat was found playing inside a raw chicken!

Check out the details below.

The Video Was Shared On Social Networking Sites

The video has been shared on Reddit and Facebook. In the video, it is seen that a rat is moving inside a chicken that was placed in one of the two bags of raw poultry.


The Rat Scurries Out!

The rat is later seen scurrying out of the chicken after an individual kicks the basket. The bags of raw poultry were apparently placed outside a shuttered coffee shop in Singapore!


Netizens Reacted...

When the video went viral on the social media, netizens turned furious. Some claimed that it is unhygienic to leave the raw chicken in the open. There were other users who felt that the entire fault was that of the supplier. Some netizens believed that the suppliers and the owners both, are responsible for such incidents.


An Action Was Demanded

Looking at the disgusting video, the netizens demanded the admin of the social media pages to share the authenticity and details of the post. After the picture of the coffee shop was shared, an investigation was started and the place has been shut down.

But we wonder, how can we unsee the video! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Story first published: Thursday, April 4, 2019, 16:13 [IST]
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