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Firefighters Had To Break Open The Car After Boy Refused To Open The Car Door

By Nia

If you think that giving a mobile phone to a kid to keep them calm and engaged is a great idea, then you would think twice after finding out how rebellious the kids are turning out to be with the mobile addiction.

From refusing to eat food until their favourite cartoon is played on the mobile phone to throwing unnecessary tantrums, the kids find all possible ways to make parents give in to their demands.

Well, this is the case of a young boy who refused to let his mum enter the car and locked her outside to use her mobile phone!

Check out the details.

This distressed mum named Pasir Mas, from Kelantan, Malaysia must have been regretting her decision to allow her son to use her mobile phone to play after she was locked out of her own car!

The incident was shared on Facebook. The post became viral and it has been circulated widely on the various social media platforms. The pictures show the kid holding onto a mobile phone and calmly sitting on the floor of his mum's car.

Apparently, the boy had locked his mum out of the car as he wanted to spend more time playing on his mother's mobile phone.

The pictures of the incident were uploaded by the boy's father and he claimed that the toddler had learnt the trick to open and unlock and the car doors. When his mother saw that the boy was locked inside the car, she knocked on the windows and asked him to unlock the car.

The boy ignored her request and continued watching the mobile phone. The mother revealed that the boy was afraid that his parents would stop him from using the mobile phone.

Since the boy paid no heeds to his mum's pleas she was left with no choice and had to call the Fire and Rescue Department to help her out.

The depressing fact about the whole incident is that even though the Fire and Rescue Department tried to break into the car, the boy remained oblivious to it as he was busy playing games on the mobile phone!

Story first published: Thursday, July 4, 2019, 16:29 [IST]
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