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The 'Lip Balm' She Borrowed From Her Mum's Room Was Not What She Thought It Would Be!

There are so many things that turn out to be something different from what we think. This is what happened in this case where a young girl ended up using a product which was not what it seemed to be like!

This is a funny incident of 'Dayana Chamorro' using her mum's so called 'lip balm'!

the funny reaction of a daughter

Check out the hilarious video that has been going viral for all the funny reasons.


She Never Needed A Lip Balm

Dayana Chamorro' revealed that she never felt the need for a lip balm. This was one of the reasons why she never owned one. So she checked her mum's room to get one.

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She Thought She Got The Lip Balm

Everything seemed to be okay unless Dayana started to realise something wrong after she applied the lip balm that she found in her mother's room.


She Felt Her Lips Were Asleep

Within minutes of applying the lip balm, she realised that her lips were falling asleep. She checked with her mother to find out what was wrong with the lip balm.

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She Got A Shock When She Found Out What It Was

That moment her mother realised that the so-called ‘lip balm' that her daughter had used was nothing but an "Anal Relaxant".

The Video Was A Must

Dayana decided to make a video and share it with the world as it was hilarious as her mum was mocking at her. In the video, she even says that this is a lesson that we need to ask for permission before taking other's stuff or they might end up in a funny situation like this.

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