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She Collects Umbilical Cords To Save Lives
When our loved ones suffer from a rare condition, it makes us realise that we can go to any extreme of doing selfless things that can help our loved ones come out of the situation. This one is such a case ...
Zoe Tucker Collects Umbilical Cords To Save Lives

This Bride And Groom Wed In A Naked Beach Ceremony
A couple who love to have a naturist lifestyle decided to have a nude wedding. This is the story of Anca Arsene who is a 29-year-old dentist, who along with her partner and now husband Valentine who is 34 years old ...
Woman Drinks Her Urine Every Day And Claims She Lost Weight!
There are numerous tricks and ways in which people lose weight, and they share their stories online with the world. While some are tricky, there are those weird tricks that can make you feel disgusted, like in this case, where a ...
Woman Claims To Lose Half Her Weight By Drinking Her Urine
A Triangle On These 5 Places Of Your Palm Indicates This
When you look at your palm, you can see that different lines overlap each other and some lines are quite dominant. When you have a closer look at your palm, you realise that there are different lines and shapes formed by ...
Palmistry What Does Triangle On Your Palm Mean
Her Condition Is So Rare That It Doesn't Have A Name Yet
There are several unusual conditions that people suffer from and understanding these conditions can be quite a task for the common man. According to medics, a girl in Florida suffers from a rare condition where the doctors are not able to ...
Girl Suffers From A Rare Condition For Which Doctors Have No Name
Unheard Phobias That Exist!
Watching gushing water can give you nightmares as this can be a phobia that you might be suffering from. According to science, there are so many phobias around the world that most people are not aware of. Here, in ...
5 Lucky Signs On Your Palm That Reveal Life Secrets
If you are into palmistry, then understanding every line and its meaning becomes important, and you would realise that each line or the sign or symbol that you would see has its own purpose. There are different signs which can turn ...
Lucky Signs On Your Palm That Reveal Your Personality

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