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Doctor Plasters Young Boy’s Nonfractured Arm!

By Nia

The first thing you want when you visit the hospital is for the doctor to hear out what is the actual cause of your pain. But there are times when medics do not pay the needed attention and this can be due to the stressful long working shifts or even laziness.

Well, this case takes the cake! A young boy was rushed to the hospital with a broken arm and all the medics did was plaster the wrong arm! Here are the upsetting details of the case of medical negligence.

The incident happened at the biggest government hospital in Bihar's Darbhanga. The boy Faizan is 7 years old and he got injured after he fell from a tree. He broke his arm and was rushed to the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) by his parents.

It is said that the boy's left arm was broken and he needed an immediate plaster. The negligent doctor who was attending the case, plastered the wrong arm despite the kid protesting that it was his left arm that was injured!

The doctor put a complete cast on his right arm which was all fine. Even though the X-ray report clearly showed that the boy's left arm was fractured, the medic did not pay heed to it. Through the plastering process, the boy tried to point out the doctor's mistake and he kept pointing out the fact that his other arm was broken.

But the doctor was busy in some thoughts and he continued with his 'treatment'. To make matters worse, a prescription by another doctor was also given, in which it clearly stated that it was the boy's left arm that was fractured.

The boy's parents complained to the hospital's superintendent who looked into the matter and took immediate action against the doctor who treated the boy. It is reported that the medic took responsibility for the incident.

The family was assured by the hospital management that they would take strict action against the doctor.

The government and the medical institutes of the state are under the constant radar for negligence in treatment because of the growing deaths among kids and the international media is also actively covering these cases.

Story first published: Monday, July 1, 2019, 15:20 [IST]
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