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Doctor Found A Live Lizard In The Patient’s Ear

By Nia

You might have heard of people finding cockroaches and beetles in their ears. These cases generally send chills down our spines. But this particular case will surely give you chills for a lifetime!

A young doctor who was reporting on her first day at work in Thailand shared her experience on Facebook. The doctor named Varanya Nganthavee revealed that she didn't know she would have to handle a bizarre case that day.

Though her Facebook post has been taken down, Nganthavee had revealed in the post about the experience that she had with the patient. She revealed that a patient walked into the hospital and complained about extreme pain that he was suffering in his ear.

When she used the otoscope to examine the man's ear, she immediately spotted something crawling inside his ear. On a closer examination, she realised that it was a live lizard!

In the post, she wrote that she was confused about how a huge lizard could crawl into this tiny ear hole.

She revealed that she initially tried to get the lizard out by dripping some antibiotic ear drops into the patient's ear and asked him to tilt his head. It didn't work and with the help of a nurse she was able to manually remove the creepy creature with a pair of tweezers.

The most shocking fact about the whole incident was that the lizard came out alive after it was stuck in the ear for two days!

Once the lizard was out, the doctor ensured the patient had a thorough check-up with the ENT specialists to check if other parts of the lizard - like the tail - were left behind in the patient's ear. But luckily there was nothing.

Well, it is not known why the doctor removed her post from Facebook! Whatever it is, we are glad that the patient is fine after the doctor removed the creepy creature from his ear.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 17:30 [IST]