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Bodybuilder Uses Oil Injections To Increase Muscle Size


To look fit and fine, people can go to any extreme. From extreme dieting to following some of the bizarre tricks that will help you stay thin, people tend to do just anything.

While on the other side, you would see the bodybuilders try on some of the unique and bizarre tricks that will help them look bulky and huge. While some use steroids, there are those who use oil injections. This is one such case of a man who has claimed that he has been pumping his body with oil injections for over a year!

Check out his story.

Valdir Segato is a Brazilian bodybuilder who is in his 50s. The bodybuilder has been injecting an oil-based substance into his body muscles for over a year. With the intake of these oil injections, his arms and chest look like balloons.

Valdir had apparently become addicted to drugs and due to this he had lost of weight and as a result, his friends nicknamed him 'skinny dog'. He was annoyed with the way his friends treated him, hence he started going to the gym. But Valdir wasn't satisfied with the results. This was when he was introduced to the popular muscle-enhancement substance, synthol.

He became hooked to synthol in no time. Since then, he has been regularly injecting synthol into his biceps and pectoral muscles for over a year.

He was warned about the risks of using synthol on a regular basis. The doctors said they would have to have his limbs amputated after a period of time if he continued to use the substance.

Even though the doctors warned him about the end result of synthol intake, he did not stop it. Valdir reveals that he loves it when people call him Hulk, Schwarzenegger or even the He-Man. He claims that he has doubled his biceps but yet does not want to stop as he wants it to be bigger.

Valdir claims that he just wants his muscles to become bigger and he loves the attention that he gets. Valdir regularly shares photos and videos of himself on the social media where he uses the handle 'Valdir Synthol'.

Check out his pictures and videos.

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