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What Happens After Coronavirus Enters The Body? Everything You Need To Know
Scientists are still studying the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)and with each passing day, multiple studies are surfacing about the virus that has infected 2,830,082 people and caused 197,246 deaths worldwide. Seeing the SARS-CoV-2's highly contagious nature, the World ...
8 Body Parts Other Than Fingerprints That Make You Unique
Fingerprints and facial recognition have always been the standard procedure behind identification . There are other body parts too like your ears, toes, eyes, etc., which are unique and can differentiate you from others in a crowd. New technologies are emerging ...
Body Parts That Are As Unique As Your Fingerprints
Everyday Habits That Are Harming Your Body
Every day we do certain things knowingly or unknowingly and some of them may harm our body. These day-to-day activities could pose health risks. They make your immunity very weak over a period of time and also affect your eating and ...
Bodybuilder Uses Oil Injections To Increase Muscle Size
To look fit and fine, people can go to any extreme. From extreme dieting to following some of the bizarre tricks that will help you stay thin, people tend to do just anything. While on the other side, you would see ...
Brazilian Bodybuilder Uses Oil Injections To Boost Muscle Size
Biofeedback Therapy: Types, Procedure & Uses
Biofeedback is a technique that helps you connect to electrical sensors that allow you to receive information about your body. This technique involves making subtle changes in your body to achieve results that you want, for example - reducing pain ...
How To Love Your Body When You're Pregnant
It's surreal how a number on a scale can have so much effect on mankind. The further the little hand on the scale goes from left, the more dreadful it gets. It's not just pregnant women or the women who aren't, ...
Body-focused Repetitive Behaviour: What You Should Know
A group of related disorders such as skin picking, nail biting, hair pulling, etc., can be together referred to as body-focused repetitive behaviour. Read on to know more about this behaviour, how it leads to self harming, its diagnosis and treatment. ...
Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour What You Should Know
What Is Decorticate Posturing And What Does It Indicate?
Decorticate posturing is a posturing that indicates a severe damage in the brain. This abnormal posturing makes a person suffer from clenched fists, bent arms and legs that are held out straight. However, this is not as serious as decerebrate posture, ...
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