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Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World
Few languages are very easy to learn, while a few might some extra time to learn, and then there are those languages that take an eternity to master at! Here, we are about to share the list of languages that are ...
List Of Oldest Languages In The World
History speaks volumes, new discoveries or finding out about the missing villages, everything gets interesting when we get to know the facts. Little things like learning about the oldest languages in the world can add on some bit of knowledge.  ...
List Of Oldest Languages In The World
Top 8 Reasons To Learn A New Language
Language is the medium of communication and it differs depending on various factors. Learning a new language is not that easy. But, if you are successful in it, there are various benefits. There are many institutes that offer courses for learning ...
Your Guide To Twitter Lingo
The young generation may perhaps find it a tad difficult to believe that the first computer had to be housed in a room. It might seem primitive to the people who carry smart phones that are much more complex and convenient. ...
Your Guide To Twitter Lingo
Exotic French Names n Their Pronunciation
Exotic French names sound very suave and classy. However, they are difficult to pronounce. Once my little nephew was trying pronounce an exotic French name, 'Follett' to be precise. And in his childish tongue he pronounced it just according to the ...
The 5 Most Sacred Languages In The World
You may have heard of sacred texts and places. But have you ever heard of the term 'sacred language'? You must not have unless you are a religious scholar. Languages are also holy by virtue of their use. None of the ...
Five Most Sacred Languages In World
Common English Words That Are Not 'English'
You would be surprised to know that some of the common English words that you use are not originally English. English is one language that has borrowed most heavily from other languages. Many of the English words are of French origin; ...
Urban Slang And The City That Speaks It
Every city has its own personality. This personality is derived from the elements of the city's life. The food, the culture, the streets and the language used on the streets describe well about that city. Yes, urban slang is an omnipresent ...
Urban Slang Language
10 Common Yet Funny Misspellings!
These days people invent their own convenient spellings on social networks and sms language has taken on it's own meaning. If you are to avoid misspelling words, that too common ones, then you have to be extra watchful. We need to ...
5 Of The World's Most Romantic Languages
Love needs no language to express itself but when you say 'I love you' you are certainly speaking in a language. Among the numerous and counting languages in the world, you may have to choose handful and say, yes these are ...
Romantic Language World
Google Prototype Language Translator
Google is one search engine which is the best in the internet world. This latest news on Google is that the language translator on Google's conversion mode helps one to get in touch with local people all over the world.This Google ...
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