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Jolie Loves Speaking Russian
Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood sensation, is getting ready for her upcoming movie ''. She is thrilled about 'Salt.' The actress had to learn the language, Russian for this movie. She said that she absolutely loved the language. And now is a ...
Jolie Russian Language Love

Save The Art Of Letter Writing From Extinction
In our school days, letter writing was one of the topic which we were taught by our teachers. During vacations, friends exchanged their experiences in letters. A letter received from a far away relative or a cousin, was preserved as her ...
Croatian Teen Recovers From Coma, Speaking Fluent German!
A 13-year-old Croatian girl shocked the doctors and her parents when she woke up from coma speaking fluent German.The girl, from the southern town of Knin, Croatia, had just started studying German at school and had been reading German books and ...
Croation Teen Coma Speaking German
2 Text Or Nt 2 Text?
With the cell phone growing to become a vital part of our lifestyles, communication through text messages in the recent times have seen a drastic raise. The messages like 'wot u doin 2nite' or 'waz up' have caused ...
A Muslim Doll To Teach Quarnic Arabic
Are you worried that your kids will be alien to your mother language as they live immigrants in a foreign country? A 'Talking Muslim Doll' sets an excellent example on how to get your kids learn the mother language. ...
Muslim Doll
'Kanjus Makkhichus' Among Most Bizarre Words
India is in the news again and this time it is for the fascinating language. Hindi words like 'Kati-Kehari' and 'Kanjus Makkhichus' have made it to the list of the world's most bizarre words and phrases in a new book by Adam Jacot de Boinod. ...
The 39 signs of drunkenness!
The next time your husband turns up drunk at home but behaves as if he's not, just observe his speech and walk to make out whether he's lying or not. ...
Intoxication Symptoms Drunkenness
Speaking keyboard for blinds
A group of third year engineering students at Pune has developed a Braille keyboard with a speech feedback that will make typing easy for the visually impaired. ...
Here's A Baby-Robot To Talk!
London: Robotics experts at the University of Plymouth are planning to work with a 1m-high (3ft) humanoid baby robot called iCub, in order to find out if it could be taught to talk. ...
Baby Robot Icub
When Kids Use Profane Words
When kids utter words for the first time in life, it is proud moment for all the parents to listen to them. ...
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