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5 Of The World's Most Romantic Languages

Love needs no language to express itself but when you say 'I love you' you are certainly speaking in a language. Among the numerous and counting languages in the world, you may have to choose handful and say, yes these are the most romantic languages; that is tough call. However, if we go by some parameters like like soft syllables and the element of 'sweet sounding' to the ears then you could probably come to a consensus on which is fittest to be the language of love.

Here is a list of what are popularly considered as the most romantic languages in the world based of opinions and some syllabic parameters.

Top 5 Most Romantic Languages In The World:

1. Italian: According to popular consensus, Italian has been voted as the language of world to fall in love many times over. The word for 'love' in Italian is 'amore'. Italian was for a long time the only language in which sonatas and operas were written. German was considered too 'harsh' a language for music until, Mozzart (he too studied music in Italy) came along. It is the closest surviving derivative of the ancient language Latin.

2. French: If you ask any artist, he or she will vote for French instantly. It can be easily called the softest language existing because when it comes to harsh consonants, the French have a very simple policy, the just don't pronounce it. You have 2 't' in Juliette but they won't pronounce even one. Apart from that, there is a rich mine of romantic literature written in French that naturally makes it the language of love.

3. Spanish: Spanish is one the most widely spoken languages and is definitely the one with most variety because it is spoken in different counties differently. But the Spanish spoken in Spain is the the sweetest sounding because of the lisp it is spoken with. That is, it is spoken with a thick tongue rounding off vowels.

4. Hindi/Urdu: The most widely popular Indian and Pakistani language has many more than one dialect but when it comes to choosing the language of romance it would have to be the combination of Arabic (Muslim influence) and Hindi (Hindu influence) to form the beautiful language Urdu. The spoken form is closer to Hindi and the script is Arabic. It is a language of correct pronunciation and 'tehzeeb' or preciseness of expression.

5. Japanese: Considering the range of variety in the Japanese alphabet you would have to admit that it is the best language for expression in the world, romantic or not. It is considered the most suitable language for singing because all the syllables in Japanese are open. It not just casually that the Geisha in Japan sang like humming birds. Lyrical is the word for this language.

These were the 5 most romantic languages in the world to express your love. There are more and every language is special in its own way.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2012, 10:38 [IST]