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13 Things That Make Us Truly Indian
We Indians are generally a bunch of peace-loving people. We absolutely love our food. We adore the traditions, which pretty much keep us alive. Our lifestyle strikingly varies from the rest of the world. While Kamasutra has its roots in India, ...
Things Indians Can Never Remain Silent About

10 Things People Think About Guys Who Stay In Hostel
Stereotyping is very common in our country. People have a specific set of ideas and they won't change it ever. While some of these thoughts are crude and disgusting, others are just plainly funny! For example, a person staying in a ...
10 Things People Think Of Unmarried Men Over 30
Not all unmarried men have the luck and looks of Salman Khan's to be eligible bachelors. Any man in his 30s comes under the radar of society and overnight becomes the topic of discussion because he is unmarried. The life of ...
Ten Things People Think Of Unmarried Men Over
Reasons Why Your Wife Loves Watching 'Saas Bahu' Serials
Do you have any idea about the reasons why housewives watch 'saas bahu' serials? Well, then you must be a bachelor! Get married and then you will know. Housewives in India love those 'saas bahu' serials! If you try to prevent ...
7 Excuses People Give To Take Breaks At Work
Many employees consider breaks at work as their birthright and some go to any extent to enjoy them. People give creative reasons to their bosses so that they can get some relief from working. Today, Boldsky looks at various reasons for ...
Seven Excuses People Give To Take Breaks At Work
9 Things You Must Ditch Before 2014 Ends
The year 2014 waves us goodbye with each passing day and 2015 awaits with open arms. Anxiety and curiosity about how the coming year might prove for us is high. As the new year approaches, take this opportunity to let your ...
Asa 058280 Pg
Things Girls Staying as Paying Guest Can Relate To
Staying in a paying guest (PG) accommodation can be every girl's nightmare. Eventually, it turns out to be their second home. Girls travel cities (sometimes states) in search of a job or in order to pursue higher education. Once they reach ...
10 Things Only Your Childhood Friend Understands
We all of us have that one childhood friend who knows us inside out. They are our mirror image and the best part is, only they understand what is going on inside our mind and heart. We might hate them ...
Ten Things Only Your Childhood Friend Understands
10 Things A Girl With Boy Cut Has To Hear
Are you repulsive to sweet princess Rapunzel's long mane and falling head over heels for your just found love for short, cool boy cuts. Hey! It's in and very happening. People around you surely have some kind of serious disorder not ...
Ten Things A Girl With Boy Cut Has To Hear
8 Things You Should Always Lie About
In life, there should always be a balance between white and black lies. Though black lies are not good for your soul, telling a white lie now and then can make you feel at ease! In life, there are things you ...
Best Ways To Handle A Perverted Friend
Perverted friends are necessary evils! Some are full-time perverts, while others show their colour only at opportune moments. You may have friends who are good in all other sense, but behave like a pervert at times. Or there could be a ...
How To Handle A Perverted Friend
Weird Habits Everyone Has While Growing Up
Habits once formed are very difficult to get rid of, especially if you have grown up with it. If it is a good habit, then good for you. Otherwise, it can turn out to be quite embarrassing. There are many weird ...
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