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13 Things That Make Us Truly Indian

By Anirudh Narayanan

We Indians are generally a bunch of peace-loving people. We absolutely love our food. We adore the traditions, which pretty much keep us alive. Our lifestyle strikingly varies from the rest of the world. While Kamasutra has its roots in India, we are still uncomfortable speaking about lovemaking in public. Though it is in a way weird, these are the things that make us truly Indian.

India is defined by the love of its favourite sport, which is cricket. Not to forget how we worship Sachin Tendulkar! Movies are a part of us, where we try and ape our favourite actor or actress.

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A living example would be Rajinikanth and his humongous fan following. These tidbits make us seem like any other country, but there are issues that burn our very insides. The underlying fact remains that we are a bunch of peace-loving people, but conditions apply! There are things that an Indian can never remain silent about.

Read on to find out all about it.



Public display of affection is a huge no-no! Doesn't matter if it is a peck on the cheek or an innocent hug, people will make a huge issue out of it. This is one of the things that makes Indians unique as we are the ones who introduced the world to the erotic art of lovemaking, Kamasutra.



If you're a writer or a director, making a piece of art that criticises a certain religion, then be prepared to receive death threats or be banned to another country entirely! Religion is a craze here and it's one of those things that make us truly Indian.



We Indians are quite loud about our political views. "Arre wohh toh hamesha chup rehta hai!" (He's always silent!). Often fights break out, people bawl their support for a particular politician and mass rallies and protests are common occurences in India. Another thing that makes us Indians unique is our politics and how we can never remain silent about it.



"Ok. Na aapka na mera!" (neither yours nor mine) You should have heard this or indulged yourself in a similar conversation quite a few times. We fight, shout or stop just short of killing someone while bargaining! One of those truly Indian things that we do.



Be it the shehnai or the trumphet, Indian marriages aren't complete without the music blaring from huge loudspeakers. Neighbours who have a problem will never remain silent and will give them a piece of their mind. What makes a person Indian? Perhaps the loud wedding or the neighbourhood party that follows.


Jumping the line

Never, we repeat, never jump the line! If you do, then prepare yourself to be shouted upon. You jump the line or you're one amongst the hundred abusers, it makes you truly an Indian.


Cricket or Sachin

Do not be shocked if you see people making a hue and cry about cricket every day! Cricket is a religion in India. It brings all the other religions together. Cricket is one of those things that makes us Indians unique. You know why? It's not even our national game, hockey is!


Short clothes

Knee length clothes or any cloth which titillates the average Indian will cause cat whistles and comments or even loud outbursts. Short clothes are criticised to death and it is one of those things that makes us truly Indian.


Brag about IITs

Known for its huge base of engineers, India is home to several IITs. So it's not shocking to see people brag about getting into an IIT. Showing off isn't the only thing that makes Indians unique but showing off your college degree is!


Showing off

We are extremely loud about the tangible things that we buy. Be it a new car, a bungalow or a piece of jewellery, we love to show off. We want the whole world to know that we bought something. Behaviours such as these make us truly Indian.


Insulting 'Maa ke haath ka khana' (Food prepared by mom)

Making this mistake can be pretty injurious to health! No, seriously, never insult 'maa ke haath ka khana'. Every Indian is extremely sensitive about things concerning his mother. If you do make the mistake, be prepared for assault.


Breaking traffic rules

We Indians ourselves break a lot of traffic rules but the minute another person cuts our lane, we abuse them with the choicest of words. Wanna know more things that make us break our silence? Breaking the traffic rules!


At the movies

Picking a phone call at a movie theatre can be pretty dangerous in India! Why? Because the people will probably send you to the moon with their expletives. Even a phone ringing could be a bad idea. Except the movie sound, every other person will be silent in the whole theatre.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 7, 2015, 15:36 [IST]
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