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Reasons Why Your Wife Loves Watching 'Saas Bahu' Serials


Do you have any idea about the reasons why housewives watch 'saas bahu' serials? Well, then you must be a bachelor! Get married and then you will know. Housewives in India love those 'saas bahu' serials! If you try to prevent your wife from watching them, you will be threatened with serious consequences. Gradually, you too will fall in love with those serials.

How TV Habits Can Affect Moms-to-be

Do you know why these 'saas bahu' serials are popular? Well, most of the housewives get their daily dose of entertainment from them. They get their high. They feel depressed when the power goes off while they watch TV. They are glued to the TV day in and day out. Now, if you are still wondering about the reasons why housewives watch 'saas bahu' serials, you must read the below reasons.

Reasons why housewives watch 'saas bahu' serials

She gets to see lots of the sarees, jewellery and extravagant marriages

Your wife loves jewellery. She loves extravagance. When she gets to see all that on the lovely LCD television screen, she simply goes into her dream world. After she comes out of the dream world, she pesters you to buy at least 10 sarees that the bahu wore in the latest episode.

She can easily identify with the situations

The stories reflect Indian 'saas bahu' issues. Yes, all episodes of these 'saas bahu' serials are awesome. All characters and situations are so real. They reflect our lives. Your wife sees herself in the 'bahu' character and sees your mom in the 'saas' character, but those serials never care to portray your 'character'. Poor husbands are ignored as they fail to give any TRP ratings to them!

She can kill time!

Yes, that's why she likes to watch 'saas bahu' serials. She loves killing time. You never object because her killing time is good for you so that you can have more of your 'me' time. So, you bought her a big 62 inch LCD TV and kept her happy.

She can have fun when the 'bahu' wins over 'saas'

Your wife cries for days together when the 'saas' troubles the 'bahu' in the serial but she claps loudly whenever the 'bahu' wins over the 'saas'. That day she distributes sweets to your neighbours as if your son cleared his IAS examination!

She can get new ideas to take revenge!

Yes, she gets all her innovative ideas from the 'saas bahu' serials that she watches. You are so happy that you have Google to educate you and she has TV serials to 'highly educate' her. She is smarter than you and you decide never to mess up with her again. She is the best! You love your wife but your wife loves 'saas bahu' serials.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 18, 2014, 3:04 [IST]
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