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10 Things People Think About Guys Who Stay In Hostel

By Anirudh Narayanan

Stereotyping is very common in our country. People have a specific set of ideas and they won't change it ever. While some of these thoughts are crude and disgusting, others are just plainly funny! For example, a person staying in a hostel has to hear so many things from people that he/she would wish that they hadn't got into a hostel in the first place.

Staying in a hostel is actually a must. Everyone should experience this once in their life. We learn to be responsible when we stay in a hostel. We also learn to manage various other pressures of life. Staying in a hostel is fun. You make friends who go on to become family. These are some of the advantages of staying in a hostel.

So, guys instead of stereotyping, please read the following, have a good laugh and if possible change your views about guys/girls who stay in a hostel.


“Din raat maggi khate hoge (You must be eating maggi whole day)”:

Everyone just assumes that you can't cook at all and the hostel food would be good for nothing anyways! So they just assume that you eat 2-minute noodles, every single day. Though maggi is fairly easier to prepare, who eats it every single day? Not us!


“Daru-sharu peena shuru kar diya? (Have you started drinking?)”:

This is an age-old question that nearly every elder person in the family asks. They are somehow extremely sure that now you stay in a hostel, you drink and make merry whenever possible. It doesn't matter if the guy/girl has never ever been anywhere near it!


“Girlfriend/Boyfriend toh zaroor hoga (You must be having girlfriend/boyfriend”:

Another idea people have about guys/girls who stay in hostel is that all of them have a girlfriend/boyfriend. That's just weird guys! We don't move out to a hostel to hook up. But we don't let go opportunities as well!


“Your room must be so messy!”:

First of all, we don't really think it is messy, ever! We planned it meticulously and everything is conveniently placed wherever they're supposed to be. Stop judging us for chrissake!


“Raat me ladkiyon ke hostel ke baahar chaukidari karte honge (You must be loitering around the girl's hostel every night)”:

From being a college student to guarding the girls' hostel, we get all sorts of rank. Of course, we do go to the girl's hostel. We have friends there and we like to make sure that they reach safely back.


“Do you even go to class or you just sleep in your room the whole day?”:

There's this small thing called "attendance". If not for that, you would probably find us in our room snoring! We do bunk but not so much that it jeopardises our future.


“You must be watching every new movie!?”:

Actually, this one makes quite a bit of sense! Almost everyone will be a movie junkie. We rarely go to the theatres though. Mostly, it's in the comforts of our cosy beds with the 5.1 speakers blaring at the maximum.


“Reeti-rivaaz saare bhool gaye ho tum (You've forgotten all manners)”:

Ummm.. No. We didn't forget anything. If anything, we miss all of it even more. The festivals, the sweets, the joy of being together, we miss it all guys. We would still take the customary ashirvaad (blessings) from our elders that would make us feel loved.


Din raat party hota hoga (You must be partying all day):

We wish! But alas, we have classes to attend and deadlines to keep. The occasional all-night party does happen but not every day or as often as you think. We have fun but not "din-raat (day-night)" as you think.


Bigad gaye ho tum (You've gone out of hand):

This is just a case of perspective. We like to think of it as inevitabilities of a life yet unseen. We do change quite a bit, but tell us who doesn't? We might have a drink once in a while or a party with friends that also involves girls. But is that really wrong? You guys really have to rework on your definition of "Bigadna (spoilt)"!

Story first published: Friday, December 19, 2014, 23:32 [IST]
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