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10 Things People Think Of Unmarried Men Over 30

Not all unmarried men have the luck and looks of Salman Khan's to be eligible bachelors. Any man in his 30s comes under the radar of society and overnight becomes the topic of discussion because he is unmarried. The life of an unmarried man at 30 in India is quite difficult.

People ask them about their marriage and begin forming assumptions if they don't get satisfying answers. "He seems to be a recluse," or "He must be doing drugs," or "Maybe, he is gay!" are some of the things people say about unmarried men. However, the picture is entirely different on the other side of the wall.

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Some men stay unmarried out of choice and some are on hunt for the right girl. Either ways unmarried men are the ones who are highly misunderstood.

On one hand, their married friends praise about singlehood, while family, relatives and neighbours advise them to tie the knot. Being an unmarried man is not easy in India. We bring you the weird things people think about unmarried men at 30s.



People feel that you are careless and immature while you are being just yourself. They simply cannot understand your not-so-serious attitude towards getting married.



Even though you work in a reputed company, people think that you do not have a decent job. And because of this, you have not been 'getting' any girl.


Party All Night

Friends think that you have all the time in the world and you will utilise that by partying all night. Whereas, you know that this weekend your boss will give you extra work because you are single.


Tries to Woo Every Girl

Just because you are alone and do not want to get married anytime soon, people assume that you might be hitting on every other girl in town!



You get some serious looks from your neighbours who think you might be abusing drugs. One of the reasons, according to them, is that you are still an unmarried man at 30. This is one of the unmarried men problems that they have to go through.


No Money

It's simple! People think you waste all your money on partying and drugs because of which you do not have any money. No money means no honey!



People start thinking that you are a recluse and do not like mixing with others. In short, they think you are an anti-social.



This one is the most bizarre assumptions people make about unmarried men. They think you are still unmarried because you are interested in guys instead of gals.


Mama's Boy

Just because you are single and are not ready to mingle, people assume you are your mother's pet. Heck! What's wrong in being mama's boy?!


Secret Love Affair

People think you are in a secret love affair because of which you do not show any interest in alliances that your relatives bring.

Story first published: Friday, December 19, 2014, 18:02 [IST]
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