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Your Guide To Twitter Lingo


The young generation may perhaps find it a tad difficult to believe that the first computer had to be housed in a room. It might seem primitive to the people who carry smart phones that are much more complex and convenient. The technology of today is changing as fast as day changes to night.

One of the profound changes to our society in this era of gadgets and gizmos are the social networking sites that have become popular. They allow people to connect with others sitting maybe half way around the world. It allows people to share photos, videos, opinions and news.


Some of the famous ones are Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, with the coming of all the chatrooms, it was inevitable that a new lingo was developed, so that people can chat with many others at the same time, and convey messages in quick and efficient ways.

Below we discuss some Twitter language and symbols used by people on this micro blogging and social networking site.

@ : This symbol in a normal context might refer to the word ‘at’. But in Twitter language, it actually refers to another Twitter account and points to that person’s profile in Twitter with a tweet.

#: The hash symbol is also part of the Twitter language and is used to highlight topics, keywords or even emotions in a tweet. For example, you may tweet something like ‘Loving the #rain’. DO YOU WANT TO BECOME FAMOUS ON TWITTER?

^: The caret or hat sign is among Twitter language and symbols used to denote a tweet sent by one person on behalf of a group account, usually a company. It appears at the end before initials to show who wrote the tweet.


$: The dollar sign is also part of the Twitter language and is used before a company’s shortened stock market name or code. It is mainly used as a financial tag. Within the tweets it will become links.

DM: DM stands for “direct message”. This is a Twitter language that ensures you can exchange private information to someone who is following you on Twitter. For example, you can say ‘I’ll DM you the details’. It is the only confidential conversation to be had on the public platform.

HT: Among Twitter language and symbols, this is used as a ‘hat-tip’ to another who has shared the information you are now posting. It is usually followed with ‘@’ and the profile name of that person.

OH: In the Twitter language and symbols world, this denotes ‘overheard’ and usually represents some item of gossip, humorous or eyebrow raising which you have heard and is now tweeting about.

RT: This Twitter language is fairly easy to understand. It stands for retweet: when you come across something tweeted by another person and you find it very entertaining or amusing and is compelled to tweet about it.

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