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10 Unforgettably Funny Twitter Hashtags

Are you aware of this new phenomenon called Twitter hashtags? If you are not there on twitter then here is a brief. A hashtag is basically a word or phrase that begins with a hash (#) mark. On Twitter, hashtags are used for mapping trends. Suppose you want to write about IPL season 6, then you can use the hashtag #IPL6. Since IPL is bound to be a Twitter trend, you will be able to see all the tweets about IPL 6.

Mind you, a Twitter hashtag does not necessarily have to be about an event, issue or news. It can be anything under the sun. Sometimes, it doesn't even have to make sense. Sometimes, these Twitter hashtags get really funny. It is these funny Twitter hashtags that gather the maximum number of tweets. In fact, some celebrities like Charlie Sheen are notorious for starting funny Twitter hashtag trends.

Here are some funny Twitter hashtags that we can never forget.

Which philosopher in the world actually claims to know what women actually want? Women themselves have no idea what they want! But this Twitter hashtag got some very funny responses.

We all know what pick up lines are. This Twitter hashtag is asking for the most bizarre ones. Again there were a plethora of rubbish and failed pick-up lines from Twitter users.

Apart from funny comments this hashtag also gathered lots of pictures. The pictures showed what can be cute when you are 6 and funny when you are 26. One of the most tweeted pictures was that of girl slobbering.

This trend is quite self explanatory. You can only imagine the kind of gross responses it got.

This was hugely popular Twitter trend. Angelina Jolie's thigh-high slit gown at Oscars 2012 was a sensation. But people spoke about her jutting right leg in a completely different content on Twitter.

The capital letters for the word 'girls' makes it apparent that this hashtag was started by a group of sexists. But people sure had fun responding to this Twitter trend; especially men.

This hashtag is not edidently funny; but got some very funny posts on Twitter.

Lets hope your boss doesn't catch on the same hashtag and see your response by chance.

This Twitter hashtag was started by Charlie Sheen. It probably means being super-cool or heroic. What we do know is that it blew up into a massive Twitter trend.

These are some really funny Twitter hashtags that went on to become trends. Have you seen any other funny hashtags on Twitter?

Story first published: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 16:38 [IST]
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