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Top 8 Reasons To Learn A New Language


Language is the medium of communication and it differs depending on various factors. Learning a new language is not that easy. But, if you are successful in it, there are various benefits. There are many institutes that offer courses for learning a new language. But, why is it good to learn another language? Learning a new language has more to do than just having a hobby.

It is always recommended to know reading, writing and speaking other languages also. It is not necessary that you have to be perfect in all the three categories. But, you should at least know how to speak more languages.

The reasons for learning a new language vary; some are realistic, some inspirational, some academic and others sentimental. No matter what your reason is, learning a new language is always a good idea.

Here we may discuss top six reasons why you should consider learning a new language. This list will help you get a clear guidance, and at the same time, it will help clear your doubts on why is it good to learn another language.


Know different cultures

Learning a new language helps you know and understand a new culture. Being familiar with the history and literature of a particular region will help you know more about the diverse culture belonging to each of them.


Boost your chances

Moving to a new country for job hunting? Learn some more languages other than your mother tongue and this will help you boost up your chances to get a job abroad. Most of the multinational companies prefer people who know how to speak, read and write other languages.


Career growth

Nowadays, working in a multinational environment demands fluency in various languages. If you wonder why is it good to learn another language, know that it is one of the best ideas for a career development.


Self development

Learning a new language will help you improve yourself intellectually. This will help you feel more confident to face others who you speak languages other than your mother tongue.


Challenging yourself

If you doubt why is it good to learn another language, here is the best answer for you. It is the best possible way to challenge yourself. Learning a new language will not only keep you engaged, but will also make you prove yourself that you are smart and efficient in learning something new.


To know your own language and culture

You may think why is it good to learn another language and what it can do on your attitude towards your own language. The answer is simple; learning a new language will help you in comparing your own language and culture with others.


Keep your brain active

Learning process is the most important activity that will keep your brain active. Learning a new language will help prevent many problems like dementia. Being mentally active will keep you physically healthy as well.


Just because you love it

Language is the way how different people express their feelings. And, learning a new language is fun. This makes some people interested in learning a new language just because they love doing so.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 17:16 [IST]