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List Of Oldest Languages In The World

History speaks volumes, new discoveries or finding out about the missing villages, everything gets interesting when we get to know the facts. Little things like learning about the oldest languages in the world can add on some bit of knowledge.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of some of the oldest languages that are being used in the world.

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These are the languages that have been followed for decades and there are hardly any changes in the way they are being used in today's generation!

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Find out about these world's oldest languages that people still follow!


1# Tamil

Tamil language has been in the system since 5000 years. About 14 years ago, a survey concluded that there were about 1863 newspapers that were published in Tamil, all over the world! AMAZING!!


2# Sanskrit

Researchers believe that Sanskrit has originated from Tamil and it has highly influenced many European languages. It is one of the classical languages in India and it dates back to 3000 BC.


3# Egyptian

It is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is known to be derived from the Afro-Asiatic language. This language dates back to 2600-2000 BC. There is a considerable and varied literature in the Egyptian language.


4# Greek

It was used by Ancient Greece and is derived from the Phoenician alphabet during 3000-1000 BC. It has many dialects such as Attic, Ionic and Doric. There have been various Poems of Iliad and Odyssey written in this language.


5# Chinese

Chinese language dates back to 3000 years. Over the years, it has evolved and about 1.2 billion people speak this language as their first language. It is one of the most spoken oldest languages in the world!


6# Aramiac

This language dates back to 900-700 BC. It was the language of the Assyrian Empire. There have been biblical books that were written in Aramaic. It is being spoken by the Christians, Jewish and Mandean ethnic races.


7# Hebrew

This is a liturgical language for Jews across the world. It has been there in the system since 400 BC. This language went through a revival process to become the official language of Israel.


8# Korean

Korean language dates back to 600 BC. It is spoken by more than 65 million people living on the peninsula and its outlying islands. This language has its crucial importance, as it is the same language that is spoken and written.


9# Armenian

This is an Indo-European language that is spoken by Armenians. This language has a long history with a fifty-century Bible translation as its oldest surviving text.


10# Latin

This language came into existence before 75 BC. It was the language of the victors of many wars and battles fought on the Italian peninsula.

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