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How Is The 'Day Of Your Birth' Influencing Your Life?
According to astrology the date and time of birth are not the only things that are important while predicting the future of a person. It is said that even the day has a huge influence on our lives. The day that ...
Find Out How The Day Of Your Birth Is Influencing Your Life

They Document Their Lives To Break The Stigma Around Disability
Love can happen anywhere, and to anybody, despite their physical or mental condition, and there are stories of people's love that leave us inspired. Here is one such case of a man who despite his disability dreams to lead a regular ...
Disabled Man And His Gf Document Their Lives To Break The Stigma Around Disability
Can You Believe This Is A Permanent Tattoo!
When a person cheats their partner, the first thing they do when they are caught is they apologise. There are those couples who make their partners do the worst things as revenge for cheating on them. From chopping penises of their ...
Girl’s Body Stolen From Grave For Ghost Wedding!
Several bizarre rituals still exist in this modern world. One such practice being followed is that of a "ghost wedding" practice followed in China. According to reports, a bizarre case of a girl's corpse missing from her grave has taken the ...
Video Of Tiger Undergoing Root Canal Has Gone Viral
Treating animals is quite a risky job, especially when you try to get to the root of their illness and when they are a rare species. Can you imagine, who would even think that a tiger might need a root canal ...
A Video Of Tiger Undergoing Root Canal Has Gone Viral
Baba Vanga Predictions For 2019
The year 2019 has started, and Baba Vanga's predictions have been revealed. There are some very interesting predictions for this year. It is believed that about 85 per cent of the time she is right but critics are generally not convinced ...
He Spent 6.6 Lakhs To Get Every Part Of His Body Tattooed
People who are addicted to getting a tattoo done are often seen getting it done in some of the weirdest places. This man named Ray Houghton has been the talk of the town after he got a tattoo done on every ...
He Spent 6 6 Lakh To Get Every Body Part Tattooed
Girl Finally Gets Rid Of The Extra Limbs On Her Chest
Imagine being born as a special child. It has its own norms and clauses. What if you had an extra hand or a limb, life becomes a challenge then as these particular body features become a hurdle in our daily life ...
Smelling His Own Socks Gave This Man Lung Infection!
There are so many weird things that people get addicted to and initially when one looks at these things they tend to seem harmless, but over a period of time, these things prove to be harmful. Here is an example of ...
Man Smells His Socks And Got Lung Infection

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