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A Neck Massage Landed This Man In Hospital!
Getting a massage can give you immense satisfaction and make you feel refreshed, especially when it is from a professional. But how safe are the massages according to you? There are many repercussions for massages, even if you get them done ...
He Got A Neck Massage But Had To Be Hospitalised

She Bought Fake Braces And Then This Happened!
A dentist by the name of Azila shared a post on her Facebook page about a Malaysian woman who had recently suffered from swollen lips and high fever. The patient had apparently suffered from this condition within just a week of ...
Woman Bought Fake Braces And Landed In Hospital
Pictures Of Nature That Will Leave You Baffled
Nature holds many secrets, some that we are incapable of unveiling. Some pictures of nature can easily send shivers down your spine. Some of them are so scary that they can give you nightmares. The pictures can also leave you wondering ...
Football Fans Watch Match From Inside A Metal Cage
There are cases of people losing their temper when their favourite team loses the game during football matches. There can be a lot of chaos on the field due to the supporters going berserk at the time of the climax of ...
Here Football Fans Forced Watch Match From Inside Metal Cage
His Love For Fried Chicken Cost Him His Erection
Have you ever thought that eating your favourite food can have side effects and you can even face serious health issues? Well, this is what happened in this case where a young boy loved eating chicken and lost his erection! {image-cover-1552558855.jpg ...
She Almost Died After Trying To Sell Her Eggs To Buy iPhone!
To what extent do you think people have gone to buy what that they like? From selling off their stuff to even robbery, people have done the craziest things to buy the most expensive things. Here is one such case where ...
Student Sells Her Eggs To Buy A New Iphone And Nearly Dies
Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Male!
Some people believe that their gender (gender identity) does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Hence, they resort to measures by which they can change their gender. Here are some men who have undergone sex change surgeries to ...
Gorgeous Women On The Planet Who Were Born Male
Man Reveals We've All Been Eating Pineapples Wrong
ocial media has its own pros and cons. We can learn a lot of things that are helpful to us while there are a few things that can have a negative impact as well. Here we are going to reveal something ...

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