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World Students' Day 2021: Date, History And Objective

In 2010, the United Nations declared Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's birthday (15 October) as World Students' Day to honour his accomplishments in the field of science and technology and the stupendous role he played as a teacher throughout his scientific and political careers.

On this day, dignitaries from political parties and people from all walks of life pay homage to Abdul Kalam. Ceremonies and programmes take place in schools and colleges in his remembrance.

Millions of students across the world still consider Abdul Kalam an inspirational role model due to his hard work, sincerity, humility and positivity.

History of World Students' Day

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's strong commitment to education made him excel in his academics and career. His ideologies were very clear and he strongly believed that to rise from being an average student, only textbook knowledge isn't sufficient and he or she should explore all the options like reading theories and understanding their practical applications.

Throughout his political and scientific career, Dr Kalam considered himself a teacher and he felt very pleased when he addressed students. He was so much inclined towards teaching and inspiring students that after quitting the post of Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government, he became a teacher.

His knowledge, writing and motivational quotes inspired many youths so much so that the UN declared his birthday World Students' Day in 2010.

Objectives Of World Students' Day

  • Students should have an aim in life, grasp knowledge from everywhere, work hard towards their goal and never accept defeat.
  • Students should also focus on moulding their character so that they can become better people.
  • A student should lead a strictly disciplined life.
  • An ideal student should imbibe all the good qualities and present himself as a role model for other students.
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