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Dog Helps His Owner Earn Money By Posing As Statue

By Nia

Dogs top the list of the most affectionate pets and are also man's best friend! From fetching the ball to the grocery bags and jumping in the water to save their owners, they just do their best to help their owners.

This case of a cute little pooch helping his owner perform street art by playing a statue himself has been winning hearts!

Check out the details of this adorable story that is melting hearts across the globe!

Yorge Luís Ruiz is a street artist who makes a living by performing on the streets of Fortaleza, in Brazil. The man has made quite a name for himself. The young street artist had apparently immigrated to Brazil for a better life. He started performing the act of being a living statue to entertain the passers-by in the city's busy Ferreira square.

Even though he is not the only street artist who works in the city as a living statue, he grabs the attention of the passers-by, as he stands with his adorable partner, which is a cute canine named Jaspe. The pooch has been the calmest and helpful friend the artist could ask for as it accompanies him whenever he goes to work and rests on his bent arm and stands as still as he possibly can!

It is said that Yorge and Jaspe have been drawing attention around the Fortaleza street for a while now. People from different parts of the city come to see them. The duo has also recently received international acclaim after a video of their act that was shared on Twitter went viral and gained over 5 million views, 260,000 likes, and 91,000 comments in a span of just 3 three weeks!

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