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Cyclones That Hit India Recently

When mother nature gets furious, there is nothing one can do to stop the havoc that is caused by natural calamities and with the recent cyclone in Chennai, it only makes us wonder how safe is India from natural disasters? We have shared the list of cyclones that have hit India in the recent times.

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Some of these cyclones have done a lot of damage, while a few have not created much chaos and havoc. Be it anything, these cyclones are scary and we only wish there are no more disasters that occur in the world in the coming years!

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Check out the list of these cyclones that have taken place in India recently.


1# Cyclone Vardah (2016)

This cyclone is the most recent one where there was heavy rainfall, severe cyclonic storm that did most of the damage. But, luckily, there was no much of a damage caused to human life when compared to other major cyclones of the recent times. However, 4 people have been reported dead due to this recent cyclone.


2# Cyclone Nada (2016)

This originated in the form of depression in the Bay of Bengal and it hit Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There was a moderate amount of rainfall and the fishermen were not allowed to venture out, even though the cyclone did less harm!


3# Cyclone Kyant (2016)

This cyclone made its way to India from the east-central Bay of Bengal. There were strong winds over Odisha and Andhra Pradesh coast, but again, the damage was a little less when compared to other major cyclones that have happened in the past!


4# Cyclone Roanu (2016)

This was one of the most deadliest cyclones to have ever occurred in the recent times. It originated from the south of Sri Lanka. This cyclone had resulted in around 200 deaths in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, while there were heavy rains in the Southern part of India. The rains were so heavy that rescue operations were required.


5# Cyclone Gujarat (2015)

This cyclone that took place in India is also known as the Deep Depression ARB 02. It resulted in floods in Gujarat and about 80 people were reported dead due to this cyclone. Apart from this, there was destruction of crops, death of cattle and damage to the Gir forest. Life was badly affected by this cyclone.


6# Cyclone Hudhud (2014)

This cyclone led to a massive loss of life and property in eastern India and Nepal. Heavy rains and floods that resulted from the cyclone led to over 124 deaths and there was a lot of damage done to property and common man.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 12:47 [IST]
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