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Everything You Need To Know About Donkey Milk Soap
Have you ever thought that even donkey's milk could be used in beauty products? Well, donkey milk soaps are a major hit in the cosmetic world. According to reports, a Delhi-based start-up 'Organiko' has gained sudden fame after the soaps made ...
Have You Ever Heard About Donkey Milk Soap

Is This The Latest Trend To Get Rid Of Pain?
People tend to follow a new trend every other day. Some of them are bizarre and very weird. Here is one of the latest trends that people in China are following. They are hanging themselves by their necks to get rid ...
Man Dug His Father’s Grave For A Photo Shoot!
An artist can go to any extent to express their emotions through their pieces of art. One such case is of an artist who took pictures with his dad's skeleton. The artist in question had a childhood dream and that was ...
He Dug His Father S Grave For A Photo Shoot
Woman Had Bees Living In Her Eye!
Note: The images in this article can leave some of the viewers disturbed. So, go ahead with the story and details only if you have a strong heart. Worms infesting the human bodies is not a strange phenomenon. Many such cases ...
Personality Traits Of People Born In April
Your birth month reveals a lot about your personality just like your zodiac sign. As the month of April is here, we are here to reveal the personality traits of individuals who are born in this month. Check out ...
Woman Sells Her Undergarments To Make Money
From women selling their eggs to people sniffing underarms to make quick bucks, people do so many bizarre things to make money. One such insane case is that of a woman who sells her used undergarments online for money. ...
A Baby's Body Splits In Two During Delivery In Tamil Nadu
Tragedy during delivery is quite common since the birth process can be quite complicated sometimes. The bizarre case of a baby splitting into two was reported in Tamil Nadu, India. According to reports, it is believed that the baby had already ...
Baby S Body Splits In Two During Delivery In India
Her Botox Craze Took Her To The Grave!
Understanding and accepting your own beauty only increases your self-confidence and by doing so you have time to focus on other important things in life and achieve success. Here in this article, we are sharing the details of the case of ...
A Neck Massage Landed This Man In Hospital!
Getting a massage can give you immense satisfaction and make you feel refreshed, especially when it is from a professional. But how safe are the massages according to you? There are many repercussions for massages, even if you get them done ...
He Got A Neck Massage But Had To Be Hospitalised

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