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What Causes Knots In The Neck?

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Muscle knots in the neck are very painful to handle. Even moving your neck would become a painful job. When the muscles in that area are stressed up, these knots may develop.

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How do muscle knots occur? Well, depending upon your movements, your muscle tissues adjust themselves in specific ways to enable the movement.

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But when the muscles are stressed up, they may fail to adjust or align themselves properly and that increases the chances of muscle knots. Now, here are some more facts.


Fact #1

If you have developed a muscle knot in your neck and if its a minor one, you can massage the area gently to relax the muscle. But if its a serious one, visit a doctor.


Fact #2

Even accidents and trauma could cause a muscle knot. Falls, sports injuries and other situations that strain your joints and muscles could cause knots in the muscles.


Fact #3

If you are sitting for too long, that too in a bad posture, it could cause stress on your muscles and might increase the chances of a muscle knot.


Fact #4

Heavy weight lifters may develop muscle knots sometimes, when they stimulate their muscles too much beyond a point.


Fact #5

In some cases, certain health issues could cause a knot. For example, some infections could cause lumps and thereby cause muscle knots.


Fact #6

A heating pad can enhance the blood flow to that area and thereby relieve you from the condition.


Fact #7

Another popular home remedy for neck knot is to roll a small ball on the neck. A tennis ball will do the trick.

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