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Why Does Your Butt Burn While Pooping?

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Experiencing a burning sensation while passing bowels is not uncommon. It can occur at least once in a lifetime. In some people, the reason could be a minor problem whereas in others, it could indicate a major health issue.

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Skin diseases, infections or inflammation could be the reason behind the burning sensation. In some cases even bleeding could accompany the burning sensation.

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Eating healthy foods and maintaining proper hygiene are just small steps to prevent the issue. It is very important to visit a doctor if you frequently experience burning sensation while passing stools. Here are some reasons.


Reason #1

If you are a regular eater of spicy foods then you may experience burning sensation while passing bowels as the ingredients of some spicy foods can irritate your anus. Too much of such foods may also cause diarrhea.


Reason #2

Anal fissures could also cause burning sensation. When the sensitive skin over the area gets cut while passing hard stools, you may experience burning sensation. In some cases, bleeding bowels could occur.


Reason #3

In some people, even herpes infection cracks the skin near the anus and could cause burning sensation while answering nature's calls.


Reason #4

Certain infections, poor hygiene and repeated scratching could also cause burning sensation in the anal region.


Reason #5

When the rectal veins swell, hemorrhoids could occur which cause burning sensation. In such a case, pain could trouble the whole day.


Reason #6

Constipation, gastroenteritis and inflammatory bowel syndrome could also cause burning sensation.


Reason #7

A condition known as proctalgia fugax could also cause burning sensation and pain. You may need to apply ice in the area and quickly visit a doctor.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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