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How Ginger Cures Many Ailments

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We all know about the healing effects of ginger. But have you ever tried to use it as a remedy? Of course, we tend to use ginger in several dishes but you can try it out as remedy for some common health issues.

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As it is packed with many medicinal properties, you will be able to find quick relief from some minor health issues.

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If you are wondering where to start, read on to know how to use ginger as a simple home remedy to cure minor issues.


Muscle Pain

The soreness that you experience after a workout can be reduced if you consume even a couple of grams of ginger every day.



Ginger contains a substance known as gingerol which can protect you from many types of infections. Drink ginger tea if you have any respiratory infection.



Crush a piece of ginger and boil it to prepare tea. Drinking it can relieve you from cough and sore throat.



Ginger contains certain compounds that can offer relief from toothache. Boil a piece of ginger in a cup of water and rinse your mouth after it cools down a bit.


Stuffy Nose

If you are suffering from stuffy nose, consume a spoon of crushed ginger and drink a cup of water.


Blood Sugar

If you are a diabetic, consume 2 grams of ginger powder everyday and see if your fasting glucose levels dip. Consult a doctor before you try this remedy.


Menstrual Pain

Sipping boiled ginger water several times a day may help in easing menstrual cramps and pain.


Cholesterol Levels

Unhealthy cholesterol levels can raise the risk of heart issues. Consuming 3 grams of ginger powder daily could bring your cholesterol levels down.

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