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11 Health Benefits Of Doing Pushups Daily
Pushups are among the easiest and versatile workouts that come with a plethora of health benefits. It is very effective not just in reducing our extra pounds, but for building our coordination skills and muscle system, an important factor in our ...
Health Benefits Of Doing Pushups Everyday

Myasthenia Gravis: Symptoms, Causes, Complications & Treatment
A rare neuromuscular disease, myasthenia gravis is a type of disease in which your voluntary muscles become easily tired while carrying out any physical activity. As its name suggests, myasthenia gravis is indeed a 'grave muscle weakness' . It is distinguished ...
Myasthenia Gravis Causes Symptoms Treatment
How Does Muscular Dystrophy Affect The Body?
A group of inherited diseases that tend to leave the muscles weak is known as muscular dystrophy. Initially, the attack is on the voluntary muscles, which control our movements, but slowly the effect begins to show on the involuntary muscles of ...
7 Best Tips For Building Muscle
What's your goal? Is it aimed at losing weight, building muscle or feeling more fit? Well, whether it's about simply getting stronger or being the fittest version of yourself, you must know that building muscle efficiently demands much more than just ...
Seven Best Tips Building Muscle
Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Cramping All The Time
You don't have to be an athlete or a marathoner to know about the pangs of muscle cramps. The young, old, active and even the sedentary are all susceptible to muscle cramps. These can actually come when you least expect it. ...
Role Of Stress On Your Body & How To Beat It
Stress levels are increasing day by day for almost everybody out there; there isn't an adult who has escaped from the physical and mental effects of stress. Did you know that both your body and your environment can contribute to your ...
Role Of Stress On Your Body And How To Beat It
Tips For Muscle Soreness In Rainy Season
When it rains, the weather turns pleasant. But in the monsoon season, when it rains for days together, certain health issues could arise. In some, skin issues may arise. Also, water-borne diseases spread in the rainy season. Even mosquitoes tend to ...
Your Muscle Cramps Could Be Due To These Reasons!
You are on your morning jog, or just stretching out doing some yoga poses. Suddenly, you feel an unbearable pain in the calf of your leg. You are unable to stand out and cry out in pain....Is this situation too familiar ...
Causes For Muscle Cramps
This Herb Is A Must Have If You Have Muscle Ache
Muscle aches or myalgia is an extremely common problem that almost everybody has experienced in a lifetime. Stress, tension and excessive physical activity are a few common reasons for pain in the muscles. There are many remedies available to treat muscle ...
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