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What Are The Benefits Of Cold Water Therapy Or Cryotherapy?
Cold water therapy or cryotherapy includes cold-water immersion, ice massage, ice or cold gel pack application or any local application of cold for medicinal purposes. It is a type of treatment method used to speed recovery from certain conditions such as ...
Flu Season Is Here: Some Tips For Managing Fever And Pain
Along with the monsoon season comes the flu, and this time, the flu season is a bit different in comparison to any other. Experts warn that due to the continued prevalence of the Covid-19 disease, there is a heightened need to ...
10 Safe And Effective Home Remedies For Orchitis
Orchitis is the inflammation of the testicles that causes discomfort and pain. Sometimes the condition gets severe and causes other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever and tenderness in the testes. The common cause of orchitis is bacterial or viral ...
Home Remedies To Treat Orchitis
10 Home Remedies To Get Relief From Hernia
A hernia is a condition in which a body part protrudes or bulges out through the weak muscle walls or tissues that usually keep them in place. As a result, a person may feel pain in bulged areas while coughing, lifting ...
Home Remedies To Get Relief From Hernia
10 Foods That Can Help Ease Muscle Cramps
Muscle cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions of a muscle or a part of muscle that usually develop in the leg muscles causing sharp pain. Muscle cramps occur for a short period of time and go away within a few minutes [1]. ...
Unknown Organ Under Human Skin Found, May Help Detect Pain
A recent study published in the journal Science, 'Specialized cutaneous Schwann cells initiate pain sensation' asserts the discovery of a previously unknown organ, located under the skin. The unknown organ is said to possess the ability to help you feel pain ...
Scientists Found A Pain Detecting Unknown Organ Under Skin
Spinal Stenosis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
Your backbone (spine) protects your spinal cord and lets you stand and bend. However, a condition known as spinal stenosis can narrow your spine causing pressure on the nerves and spinal cord leading to extreme pain . Usually, this condition is ...
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