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How Graston Technique Can Be Used For Pain Relief
Overuse injuries of muscles and joints can get really annoying. We all know and have experienced injuries that just nag on and on, and we assume that they would get better on its own. These pains could be a result of ...
Health Benefits Of Graston Technique And How To Use

Using A Compression Wrap For Sprained Ankle
Most of have faced the issue of a sprained ankle at least once in our lifetime. You can get your ankle sprained from rolling, twisting or turning your ankle in an awkward manner. This will cause your ligaments to stretch or ...
Trochanteric Bursitis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
The primary function of the hip is to support the weight of the body while standing, walking or running. The hip joint, between the femur and acetabulum of the pelvis, is a ball and socket joint which is one of the ...
Trochanteric Bursitis Causes Symptoms Treatment
14 Fascinating Benefits Of Mace Spice (Javitri)
The spice mace is obtained from the red coloured aril of the nutmeg seed. The seed covering has a flavour similar to that of the nutmeg, but mace has more of a delicate flavour. The saffron-like hue of the spice gives ...
Osteoarthritis: 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Joints
Maintaining the health of your joints is important as they tend to deteriorate as you age and lead to a condition called osteoarthritis. Ageing leads to the loss of padding (cartilage between the bones) and your bones hurt when they rub ...
Osteoarthritis Tips To Take Care Of Your Joints
How To Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the commonly occurring medical conditions diagnosed during pregnancy and can be prevented as well as treated, if proper care is taken. This article would provide more insight into it. It is imperative for a ...
Can Cannabidiol Help With Migraines?
Migraines are much more than the typical stress or allergy headaches that one may experience. They can last from four hours to three days, and with migraine symptoms, you may find it difficult to go through your day-to-day tasks. Further, noise, ...
Can Cannabidiol Help With Migraine
Neck Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Our neck comprises soft tissues including muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. There is a spine that runs down at the back, and the air pipe at the front. A general discomfort in the neck area and stiffness in the neck muscles ...
12 Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen That Give You Instant Relief
No matter how small a health concern is, we tend to turn to painkillers for instant relief. But what we don't realize is how toxic such dependence on painkillers can become to your body. So, why not ditch the medications and ...
Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen That Give You Instant Relief
Wisdom Tooth Pain: Important Things You Need To Know
Almost everyone has experienced the wisdom tooth pain at some point in their lives. Your gums become inflamed, the affected tooth area may bleed accompanied with headaches on the side where you have wisdom tooth. What Is Wisdom Teeth? It is ...
Here Are 6 Yoga Asanas To Relieve Joint Pain
Yoga can help you deal with a variety of health issues. Starting from curing migraines and improving stamina, it also helps you handle depression and improve your sexual health. Now, doesn't that sound interesting? If you are among those suffering from ...

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