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What Are The Best Exercises For Obese People?
The world is changing fast and so are we trying to grapple with the changes. These changes have brought a sedentary lifestyle, increased caloric consumption and reduced the calorie-burning capacity. This article will talk about how to reduce obesity by exercise. ...
What Are The Best Exercises For Obese People

World Heart Day 2018: Tips To Maintain A Healthy Heart
September 29 marks the World Heart Day. The main aim of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about cardiovascular ailments which include heart attacks, strokes, etc. The theme for World Heart Day 2018 is "My heart, your heart". This theme ...
Amenorrhoea: Tips & Advice From A Health Expert
Women sometimes suffer from the absence of periods, this condition is termed as amenorrhoea. It is of two types primary and secondary. If a girl doesn't attain puberty even after attaining 15 years of age, it is defined as primary amenorrhoea. ...
Amenorrhea Tips And Advices By Health Expert
Osteoporosis: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
Osteoporosis means porous bones; it refers to a bone disease which takes place when your bone density is lowered and the bone-producing ability of your body reduces too. Both men and women get affected by this disease but women are more ...
Lose Weight Or Lose Fat: Which Is More Important?
If you think losing weight and losing fat mean the same, you need to know that there is a major difference between the two. Just because there is a lack of understanding about the difference between the two, many people are ...
Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss Which Is Healthy Difference Explained
10 Ways To Get Six-pack Abs For Women
Washboard abs or six-pack abs is a flat tummy that shows your chiselled abs, which do more than just amplifying your X factor. Jennifer Lopez is one of the well-renowned Hollywood celebrities who adorns her washboard abs gracefully, making you envy ...
How Much Should You Eat If You Exercise Daily?
Have you joined the gym recently or just started doing moderate-intensity exercises? Then, you must have changed your diet as well right? But, there are many people who don't feed their body enough before exercising or after exercising. So, how much should ...
How Much Should You Eat If You Exercise Daily
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Working Out Twice A Day?
There is a saying 'less is more' which means that there is value in simplicity and that more can be accomplished with less. Though this phrase stands valid for diet, can this be applied to your fitness regimen? So the question ...
How To Get Bigger Buttocks Naturally
Do you envy Jennifer Lopez's or maybe Beyonce's butt and wish you had butts like them? These singers underwent a great deal of hard work and perseverance, changed their eating habits to enhance the size or shape of their butt. So, ...
How To Get Bigger Buttocks Naturally
7 Best Tips For Building Muscle
What's your goal? Is it aimed at losing weight, building muscle or feeling more fit? Well, whether it's about simply getting stronger or being the fittest version of yourself, you must know that building muscle efficiently demands much more than just ...
How To Warm Up Properly In 5 Minutes Before Working Out?
Getting hurt sucks! Right? Well, whether you are exercising to lose weight, build muscle and/or feel better about yourself, it'd be pretty much impossible to continue doing any of those things lying on your couch with a pulled hamstring, groin ...
How To Warm Up Properly In 5 Minutes Before Working Out
Gym With AC or Non AC: Which Is Better For Workout?
What are the things that you look into while getting a gym membership? A good trainer, latest equipment and a clean and hygienic environment. For most of us who are accustomed to a temperature-controlled environment, we also look for a gym ...

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