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Tips For Healthy Posture

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Posture is nothing but the way you sit, stand or move. In other words, it is the way you align your body parts at any given point of time.

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Your elders might have always asked you to sit straight during childhood. Your shoulders, arms, neck and several other parts need to be relaxed in any posture.

Right posture is healthy as it relaxes the body. Improper posture may cause tension in certain areas of the body and may also cause pains later on. Also, the stress on the joints increases and blood circulation gets disturbed when you are in a wrong posture.

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Slouching is bad for your spine and bones too. Inactive life could lead to bad posture. Even your job that demands sitting for longs hours could cause bad posture. And then, even belly fat can spoil your posture.

Now, let us discuss how to correct your posture.


Tip #1

Try yoga and pilates which develop core strength. When your core is strong, your back will be well supported in any posture.


Tip #2

Get up and stretch once an hour if you are in a sedentary job that involves sitting from 9 to 5. Too much of sitting is bad for your posture.


Tip #3

Strengthen your spine with some exercises regularly. As your spine has to remain straight, you might need to work on it first.


Tip #4

Correct your sleeping position. Place a pillow amidst your knees if you sleep on your back. If you sleep with your body turned to one side, then bend your knees a little.


Tip #5

Spend your weekends in nature. Walk, jump, climb, run, stretch, crawl and enjoy every action that your body is capable of. This will enhance your posture.


Tip #6

Go for an overall body massage to relax all the muscles and get rid of the stress and tension in those places.


Tip #7

Talk to a doctor and get some tips depending upon your current health condition. Your doctor is the right person to advise you.

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Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 8:22 [IST]
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