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Principles Of Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating is about eating more of whole foods, real foods and the unprocessed foods. That itself makes a lot of difference.

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The food you eat needs to increase your energy levels, help your overall health and should also be able to prevent health issues in the long run.

Also, healthy eating is not about following fad diets. It is a lifestyle and a commitment. Also, your approach towards eating should be practical and closer to your current reality.

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Now, let us discuss about certain principles of healthy eating.


Principle #1

Eat natural foods and stay away from packaged processed foods. This is the first rule which keeps you healthy. All packaged foods contain artificial ingredients.


Principle #2

To keep your blood sugar levels stable and your cravings under control, eat 5-6 small meals everyday instead of going for heavy meals.


Principle #3

Treat both salt and sugar as enemies. Eat them in limited quantities.


Principle #4

Ensure that every meal of yours contains some amount of protein, carbohydrates and also some amount of fat. Most of us eat more of carbs and fat and ignore protein.


Principle #5

Stay away from liquid calories. When you drink a sugary beverage, you will unknowingly consume excess empty calories.


Principle #6

Consume unrefined products and stay away from refined products whether it is rice, wheat or flour. So, choose brown rice and brown bread.


Principle #7

Match your diet and calorie consumption depending upon your activity levels. This will help you stay in shape without accumulating extra pounds.

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