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Why You Must Chew Your Foods Properly

We gulp food in large bites and tend to mindlessly chew a bite and swallow the food. We are in a hurry. We need to go to the office or we are in a hurry to finish the lunch to carry on with the office tasks.

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But chewing must be taken as a mindful ritual, say health experts. Yes, inadequate chewing could also impact your digestive health in many ways.

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Firstly, it is important to bite small. And then it is good to chew the food 7-8 times before you swallow it. The process needs to be done slowly. Well, how does it make a difference? Read on to know about the benefits of chewing.


Benefit #1

You will be able to absorb adequate amounts of nutrition from the food you consume. Chewing breaks down big chunks of food into smaller particles and these smaller particles can be digested effortlessly. Also, less food gets wasted and more gest absorbed.


Benefit #2

Digestion is a challenging task. And your body needs to work very hard to perform that task. But when you chew the food properly, the task becomes manageable to your body. And also the saliva makes the food easily digestible.


Benefit #3

When you chew more, you tend to eat slowly and this will make you consume less. Yes, many studies claim that slow eating will help you eat less. So, this helps in weight loss too.


Benefit #4

Chewing is a good workout for your teeth. So, your teeth stay strong when you chew properly.


Benefit #5

Chewing lets you enjoy the flavour of the food and this will make you feel good. So, chewing has more than one benefit.


Benefit #6

When you chew more, saliva gets secreted. It contains certain enzymes that can break down the food and enhance digestion. Also, when salvia gets properly mixed with the food, it acts like a lubricant on the food pipe.


Benefit #7

Improperly chewed food tends to remain improperly digested. When such remnants reach the intestines, bacteria tend to decompose it and this could cause bloating, constipation, diarrhea and certain other digestive issues.

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 9:14 [IST]