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Benefits Of Blended Food Diet

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A blended food diet is nothing but a diet that is predominantly liquid diet. Those who follow this diet simply blend fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and consume the smoothie. They basically blend and juice up the foods that they eat.

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The first benefit is, it saves lots of time as you don't need to spend a lot of time to simply juice up a raw vegetable or a fruit. So, the preparation time is very less.

As there is no cooking involved in the process, you don't need to worry whether some nutrients in the vegetables get destroyed. Also, as you can consume the meal very fast by simply gulping a jug of smoothie, you can save lots of time.

Chewing is an important process of digestion as it stimulates saliva in your mouth and digestive fluids in your stomach. Therefore, living completely on a liquid diet may not be advisable.

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Just like many other types of diets, even the blended food diet is a fad. Though there are some benefits, it is always important to consult your doctor before trying any type of diet.


Absorption Of Nutrients

Firstly, you tend to consume raw foods in this diet so you tend to get more nutrients through the food you consume. Secondly, as the food is in liquid form, the absorption of nutrients tend to be faster.



Most of the cooking requires oil and frying. But when you consume blended foods, you can unknowingly reduce the fat consumption and this keeps you slim.



Some raw foodies say that blended foods can be digested well. So, even digestive issues can be prevented if you choose to drink your food.


More Veggies

If you were asked to eat 250 grams of spinach, you would refuse to. But if you were given a smoothie that contains 250 grams of spinach, you can simply swallow the juice and finish it off.


Energy Can Be Saved

Some sources even claim that blended foods save a lot of energy as your body doesn't need to work really hard in digesting them.



Your teeth will thank you as you won't have anything to chew. Food particles getting stuck between your teeth would be a rare occurrence and your oral cleanliness would be easy to maintain.



As any blended food needs some water to be added, you tend to stay hydrated most of the time if you drink your food.

Wherever diet you embrace, if you don't ensure that you get all nutrients in the right amounts, your health may go for a toss. Therefore, consult a dietitian before you make any changes to your current diet.

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