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What Happens When Your Stomach Acid Is Low?

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Certain digestive problems like bloating, gas, upset stomach, heart burn or indigestion seem to be normal issues but they signify certain issues in your digestive system.

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Some of those problems could be due to low levels of stomach acid. In fact, we think that indigestion, bloating and even heart burn are due to high levels of acid in the stomach but they could also be due to low levels of stomach acid.

The food that you eat is broken down by an acid known as hydrochloric acid. It is a powerful acid and your stomach is protected from it as there lies another layer to protect your stomach from the intensity of the acid.

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When you chew your food, the stomach acids start getting secreted. When you don't chew your food in a proper way, the stomach acids don't secrete in a proper way. So, chewing your food is very important.
Now let us know more....


Fact #1

Bacteria known as H. Pylori is also said to lower the stomach acid levels apart from causing ulcers and other stomach problems. Nearly half of us do suffer from this bacterial growth.


Fact #2

Do you know that even stress can affect your digestive system? As stress diverts blood to lungs, heart, brain and muscles, your digestion could suffer a bit. That is why it is better to relax for a while after a heavy lunch.


Fact #3

When your body lacks enough of zinc, then the protective layer in your stomach gets weak and this will also lower the secretion of acids in your stomach.


Fact #4

Never consume antacids frequently as they could inhibit your stomach acid levels. This also applies to proton pump inhibitors.


Fact #5

When you have enough levels of stomach acid, your body will be able to breakdown the proteins, prevent food poisoning, fungal growth, infections, ionise certain minerals for better absorption and also stimulate certain vital enzymes.


Fact #6

When the stomach acids are low then other problems that could arise are asthma, celiac disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, eczema, hepatitis, hives, lupus, psoriasis, gall bladder disease etc.


Fact #7

Minimise your stress levels and increase the zinc levels to help your body produce optimum levels of acid.

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