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Why Growing Muscle Is Good

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There are three types of muscles- skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles. In your body, a majority of the skeletal muscles are attached to your bones with tendons.

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When your body is dominated by fat you tend to suffer many health issues but when your body is dominated by muscles, many health issues can be prevented.

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Therefore, it is healthy to build and strengthen skeletal muscle in your body. It is better to at least preserve your muscles as you age. Here are some reasons why having more muscle is good.


Reason #1

As skeletal muscle tends to be active metabolically, it can burn more number of calories. Also, when you train hard, it will use more calories to recover and this will keep your body fat percentage low.


Reason #2

You tend to look fit when your skeletal muscles are strong. This is one aesthetic advantage of growing your muscles.


Reason #3

When you work on strengthening the skeletal muscle, naturally the tendons, ligaments and bones get strengthened. Your body tends to be strong and the risk of getting injured will minimise.


Reason #4

Your body can effortlessly stay lean and keep fat under control if your skeletal muscles are strengthened.


Reason #5

Many studies claim that your longevity increases when your skeletal muscles are built strong.


Reason #6

When your skeletal muscles are strong, performing your daily life activities tends to become easier. Bending, stretching and lifting objects would be a cake walk. These are the reasons why you must work on strengthening your skeletal muscles.


Reason #7

Your posture tends to be improved when your skeletal muscle is strong. Also, many kinds of pains can be prevented.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 6:23 [IST]
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