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Why Sugar And Junk Foods Are Like Drugs

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All of us treat drugs as very dangerous. We also label smoking and drinking habits as life-threatening addictions. But what we tend to overlook is that even sugar is as addictive as any other drug.

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Yes, even junk foods can make you a slave and gradually take over your thinking mechanism. And that is how they damage your health in the long run.

Many studies have identified both sugar and junk foods as addictive habits which may do equal damage to health just like drug addiction.

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The body needs only some food to survive and all other habits like eating junk foods, smoking and drinking alcohol are irrelevant to human existence. But the problem is, they are all additive. Now, here are some reasons why sugar is as addictive as a drug.


Reason #1

Many studies report that both junk foods as well as sugar tend to impact the brain with dopamine. Even drug abuse does the same.


Reason #2

Many studies claim that MRI scanners prove that both drugs and sugar cravings activate the same areas of the brain.


Reason #3

we tend to binge eat because the brain doesn't feel satisfied when you eat small quantities after it gets addicted. The same applies to drug and alcohol abuse.


Reason #4

Both drug addiction and sugar addiction have something in common. They cause carvings.


Reason #5

Both sugar as well as other addictive substances cause withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit. Mood swings, dullness and lack of interest in any activity could be some of the withdrawal symptoms.


Reason #6

Both drugs and sugar consumption cause tolerance over a period of time which may make you consume more and more.


Reason #7

Sugar, junk food and drugs- none of them have any nutritional value but they can make humans slaves.

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