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How To Escape Sugar Addiction?

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Though most of us seldom perceive sugar as a drug, it is in fact as addictive as a drug. And then, it harms your body in a number of ways.

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When consumed excessively, it can be as dangerous as alcohol and nicotine. Today, alcohol and cigarettes are not served to teenagers in many countries but in fact, even refined sugar shouldn't be sold to minors who don't know that sugar is so harmful.

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Today, sugar is one of the main reasons behind the soaring obesity rates in every country and still we seldom try to control our cravings. Well, here are some tips.


Avoid Artificial Sugar

Artificial sugar has a tendency to stimulate certain regions in your brain to produce dopamine. And when the dopamine levels dip after a while, you tend to feel low and this would cause a craving for that high again.


Drink Enough Water

A dehydrated body may need water though you feel like you are craving for sugar. Ensure that you drink enough of water to avoid dehydration.


Boost Feel Good Hormones

Ensure that you boost feel-good hormones in your brain by working out intensely and eating a healthy diet. This would help you carve less for the sugar high as serotonin also makes you feel good.


Eat Leafy Greens

When you eat nutritious food, your energy levels will be alright and this would help you stay away from the high.


Maintain Stable Blood Sugar

Ensure that you divide your three daily meals into 6 small meals as this would keep your blood sugar levels stable.


Meditate And Relax

Meditation can help you relax and beat stress. Actually, stress could also cause sugar cravings. So, find ways to overcome stress.


Consume Fermented Foods

Yoghurt and fermented kefir could relieve your cravings for sugary foods. Include them in your diet.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 6:15 [IST]
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