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The Simplest Way To Exercise

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Exercise doesn't need to be only lifting weights or forcing yourself to walk on the treadmill. Find an interesting way to move your body and burn all the calories.

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If exercise isn't interesting, you will give up soon. You can't be consistent until the workout you choose excites your mind. If dancing excites, you then dance.

Also, remember that your workout should engage your whole body and move all the muscles and joints. When you strengthen all muscles and joints, then you will be able to carry on with your daily activities effortlessly even in your old age.

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So, here are some interesting and simple ways to move your body.



Simply crawl on the floor like an animal. Observe your pet or your baby and repeat the action. Don't underestimate this activity. It engages your whole body and also your bones and joints. You will feel tired if you just crawl for 5 minutes.



Climbing is a good workout for your arms as you tend to pull the whole weight of your body using hands and shoulders. You don't need to do pull ups. Simply hang your body to a rod for a few minutes.



Don't underestimate jumping. It will shock your joints and also charges your whole body after a few minutes. Simply jump and feel the joy.



Bending enhances your body's flexibility. Simply bend slowly in any direction and feel good.



Try to balance your body for a few minutes as shown in the picture. Your balancing skills and co-ordination skills will improve.



Stretching your body enhances blood circulation and also makes you feel refreshed. Find interesting ways to stretch.



Run up and down the stairs and you will know how good a workout it is after doing it for 5 minutes.



If you want to sweat and feel tired, run fast in your locality for a few minutes and your workout is over.



If all of the above workouts seem difficult, go for a walk with your friends and enjoy. Walking isn't a bad workout at all.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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