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Did You Know Sitting For More Hours Can Put You To Many Health Risks

By: Niharika Choudhary
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I bet most of us in a job spend maximum of our work hours in sitting. Our work requires us to sit through the whole day, glued to our systems.

The only relief we get is in the form of tea breaks and lunch break, but even that time is used away in having lunch or tea/coffee gossiping.

We do not think of spending some part of that time in doing light exercises at our desks or go for a short walk.

Researches have shown that spending most of your time sitting can cause major damage to your health.

Health experts from all over the globe have warned us now and then that sitting in a certain posture for a longer period of time can cause many health disorders.

Did you even realise that the 8 hours of your office timing that you spent sitting on your chairs can actually give you ailments for a lifetime?

All I can conclude is that the major health issues that we face is due to this habit of sitting that limits our physical activity. So, make sure you find and take out more time in your busy office schedule and help yourself more.

Listed in this article are some major ailments that can put you at risk at a very early age. Have a look and, like I already mentioned, have a stroll around and avoid sitting for long hours.



Increases Your Risk Of Heart Diseases

According to studies, continuous sitting for over six hours every day can increase the risk of heart disease by almost 65%.

So, as per the calculations, I would like to tell you that by doing this, you are losing almost 7 years of your life.


Slows Down The Calorie-burning Process

Sitting in one position slows down your muscle activity.

This can lower your calorie-burning to one calorie a minute, so if by any chance you were looking forward to losing weight, no luck in sitting on that chair.


Increases Your Risk Of Diabetes

Continuous sitting can cause your glucose use of insulin to dip by 40%, thus increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Hence, it is recommended to at least move around in the vicinity in every 45 minutes once.


Increases The Risk Of Cancer

Emerging studies suggest that prolonged sitting can increase your risk of certain types of cancer, including lung, uterine and colon cancers.

The reason for this isn't entirely clear though.


Affects Bone Mass

Sitting for more hours eventually reduces your bone mass by at least 1% every year.

Since you spend a maximum amount of your time glued to your chair and stand very less, this lack of physical activity puts you to a higher risk of osteoporosis.


Invitation To Back And Spine Injuries

Sitting in one position for a really long time puts undue pressure on your lower back and causes a stress to the surrounding muscles and joints.

This can lead to major back and spine injuries and badly affect your spine.


Limits Your Social Skills

Sitting at one place, glued to your system, limits your social interaction.

So, the next time while sending an e-mail to your colleague, also make sure that you walk to his/her desk and talk to him/her in person.

This will not only brush up your social skills, but will also give you an excuse to walk a bit.

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