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Yoga Asanas For Back Pain Relief
Back pain in general, and lower back pain in particular, is a common healthcare problem. It is usually identified as pain, stiffness or muscle tension in the region of the back, either with or without accompanying sciatica (leg pain) . ...
Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

Rolfing Can Improve Posture, Reduce Stress And Relieve Chronic Pain
Rolfing is considered beneficial for all body types irrespective of the age. Rolfing is also known as structural integration. It denotes a holistic system of bodywork that manipulates the body's soft tissues deeply and also realigns and balances the body's myofascial ...
What Is Decorticate Posturing And What Does It Indicate?
Decorticate posturing is a posturing that indicates a severe damage in the brain. This abnormal posturing makes a person suffer from clenched fists, bent arms and legs that are held out straight. However, this is not as serious as decerebrate posture, ...
What Is Decorticate Posturing And What Does It Indicate
List Of Bad Habits Or Addictions & How To Break Them
When you're young, you take your body for granted. No matter how much you skip your meals or sleep, or how hard you party, you still have enough energy left in you to take on the world the next morning. But ...
Tips For Healthy Posture
Posture is nothing but the way you sit, stand or move. In other words, it is the way you align your body parts at any given point of time. Also Read: Principles Of Healthy Eating Your elders might have always asked you ...
Tips For Better Posture
Why Should You Wake Up From Your Right Side
Is there any importance of waking up from the right side? Why should you always wake up from your right side? Is there a logic behind this? In fact, I did not know the importance behind this logic, until I personally ...
Ustrasana (Camel Pose) To Improve Body Posture
Camel Pose or Ustrasana is derived from the Sanskrit term, like any other Yoga pose. The term “Ustra” stands for “camel” and “asana” means “posture”. This posture is excellent for stretching the front posture of the body, and it also improves ...
Ustrasana Or Camel Pose To Improve Body Posture
Best Yoga Postures For Diabetics
The increasing health consciousness has created a great awareness among both men and women. Due to increasing health complexities, people are spending more time for finding the best health conditions for themselves. Though a large number of initiatives are advised by ...
Best Yoga Postures For Diabetics
The Science of Ergonomics
At the end of long working hours, do you suffer from severe back pain? While working in office, most of us have a wrong posture of sitting. Nine hours of office work in an unhealthy posture, is bound to trigger negative ...

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