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    How Sleeping Position Affects Your Health: A Complete Guide Your Sleeping Position Affects

    By Mridusmita Das

    When you think of your health, what do you normally try to fix and put in place? Well, the obvious answers would be a good diet, workouts and good hours of sleep.

    Yes, sleep does occupy a very crucial role in determining the kind of lifestyle we lead and has a tremendous impact on our health. And why not? After all, you almost spend around 25 years of your life sleeping! Isn't that a good reason why sleep is so important?

    Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

    And when you talk about sleep, it has got to do mostly with the timings you choose to go to bed and wake up, the hours of sleep and the quality of sleep. People hardly are inquisitive about the way they sleep, being ignorant of the fact that their sleep position also has an impact on their health.

    Yes, you read it right! The way you sleep can not only improve your health but also get you some quality sleep. Let us discuss the common sleeping positions and the pros and cons of each.

    The main sleeping positions observed are:

    1. Sleeping on the side
    2. Sleeping on the back
    3. Sleeping on your belly

    1. Sleeping On The Side

    Many of you tend to sleep on the side. Researchers and experts say that sleeping on the left side promotes better health. Sleeping towards the left is the ideal position and the benefits are backed by scientific research.

    Such a position is said to regulate the bowel movement ensuring better digestion and preventing heartburn. It is also found that sleeping sideways - on the left or right side might boost and promote your brain health. It also keeps a check on the common problems like snoring and sleep apnea.

    To make the most of it, one can choose a firm pillow and put it between the knees. Also hugging a pillow would ensure the necessary support to the spine and also rest your top arm. You can turn on the other side when necessary to avoid shoulder pain. Side sleeping is known to be the common position for sleeping for a lot of people. But not many know that their favourite position turns to be gut friendly!

    2. Sleeping On The Back

    Sleeping on the back also has it's pros and cons. While it might be easier for the body to sleep on the back, it also helps you to keep pain at bay. Sleeping on the back is said to be helpful for getting relief in sinusitis and preventinghip and knee pain. Sleeping on the back with legs and arms spread out would avoid the pressure built up on the joints.

    3. Sleeping On Your Belly

    This position is not advisable as sleeping on your belly most likely would put unnecessary strain on the spine, which might further cause back pain and neck pain.

    The sleeping postures and their effects are discussed for helping you to choose your right posture ensuring quality sleep. Sleep-deprived people or people suffering from chronic insomnia become a host to a lot of health related ailments. The above-discussed points can make you conscious of the way you sleep and help you to avoid a bad posture during sleep.

    Educate yourself and others about the importance of sleeping in the right position that would help you and your loved ones embrace proper sleep and health. With the above points, choose health during slumber. Sleep right, sleep well!

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