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Do You Feel Tired Despite 8 Hours Of Sleeping? Here's How You Can Sleep Better

Do you ever feel like you never got enough sleep last night? This would make your entire day go slow, make you feel drowsy, lethargic and leave you drained out of all energy. Well, that could have been because of the late-night movie you stayed up watching, a late dinner, a date with your significant other. Such one-day-in-a-month of drowsiness is considered okay.

But do you feel like that even after a good 8-hour sleep?

This is a matter of concern. A persistent daytime drowsiness is a finger directly pointed at your health and sleeping habits. It means you're doing something wrong somewhere.

One reason why this could be happening is if you wake up in between your rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Thr REM sleep refers to a type of sleep which occurs at intervals during the night and is characterized by swift eye movements with dreaming and bodily movement along with faster breathing and pulse.

It could leave you feeling drowsy and groggy through the day. Waking up in between the non-REM sleep did not show the same results, as noted in a study.

Having a set sleep cycle is something that's very important for the body. Your body needs to have a timeline like the one you need to get through your day. If this cycle is haywire, your body is confused as to when to be fully active and when to rest. Set a time, decide what time you need to wake up the next morning. Now count back 8 hours. That should be your ideal time to sleep.

Also, avoiding or reducing certain foods could do wonders for your sleep. Foods rich in sugars, carbs, caffeine, fatty processed foods are all best kept at bay.

After a study that was done in 2017, one very surprising reason causing this daytime drowsiness was found to be an individual's sleeping position. Yes! That's absolutely true. Positions don't just matter where you think they do, your sleep position could be your key to getting rid of daytime drowsiness.

What Are The Most Basic Sleep Positions We Are Aware Of?

1. Foetal Position: Women tend to sleep in this curled-up-like-a-baby position more than men. This is one of the most common sleeping positions.

2. Soldier Position: In this position, people lie straight on their back with their hands by their side.

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3. Free-fall Position: In this position, the person sleeps on his stomach. Their hands could be by their side or next to their head.

4. Log Position: In this position, the person sleeps on his side. It could be on his left or right.

If you're a Foetal, Free-fall or Log sleeper, you're more likely to be in trouble with daytime drowsiness. Sleeping on your side could worsen shoulder and hip pain if any exists already. Studies have claimed that the Foetal position could cause heart-related problems in the long run.

If you sleep on your stomach, you're applying a lot of pressure on your body. This means pressurizing the organs present inside your body as well. This is bad for your body because sleep time is rest time, your body needs to rest. But instead this causes muscle pain, numbness and leaves you with a need to change position every one hour.

Soldier Position is the one that could be your solution to a good rest, and waking up active and energetic. This is because it lowers the risk of aches, pains and heartburn in the body. You're just lying on your back, where your body mass is equally distributed with no pressure on any body part.

A small tweak in the way you sleep, a few lifestyle changes, a healthy diet and a good exercise are natural medicines to completely eliminate daytime drowsiness. This will set your sleep clock in place and it will leave you feeling fresh every morning.

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