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Ustrasana (Camel Pose) To Improve Body Posture

By: Mona Verma

Camel Pose or Ustrasana is derived from the Sanskrit term, like any other Yoga pose. The term “Ustra” stands for “camel” and “asana” means “posture”.

This posture is excellent for stretching the front posture of the body, and it also improves the flexibility of the spine, neck, hips and the opening of the shoulders.

In this asana, the body is bent backwards kneeling on the floor. Many people may find it difficult to perform this asana in the beginnning, as they are not used to bending backwards.

Ustrasana To Improve Body Posture

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The breathing should be slow and deep while performing this asana, as the front portion of the body is stretched.

This asana is known to treat indigestion, menstrual problems, lower back ache, cervical spondylitis, etc. It also benefits your posture to a great extent. Hence, have a look at the step-by-step procedure to perform this asana and the other benefits that it provides to the body.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform The Asana


Step 1:
Kneel down on the floor, keeping your knees, thighs and hips perpendicular to the floor. Get your thighs inwards slightly, narrowing your hips, but don’t harden your buttocks.

Make sure you keep your outer hips as soft as you can. Along with top of your feet, press your shins firmly into the floor.


Step 2: Keep your hands at the back of your pelvis, in such a way that your palms support your hips, and your fingers should face the feet.

Give a strong support to your tailbone towards the pubis. Your front groins shouldn’t lean forward. Slowly, inhale softly, lifting your heart, while pressing your shoulder against the back ribs.


Step 3: Taking the support of your tailbone and shoulder blades, just lean down with your head up, chin near sternum and hands on the pelvis. It will be slightly tough for the beginners to be in this pose.

Initially, just get tilted on one side, and hold your one foot, and taking the support of the same, try to touch the other foot and press your thighs. Gradually, you’ll be able to perform the pose.


Step 4: Make sure that your lower ribs aren’t too much protruding towards the sky. This results into hardening of the belly and also, it compresses the lower back. Lift the front of the pelvis towards the ribs.

Your palms should be faced firmly against your soles, and fingers should be pointing the toes. Like this, your arms will be turned outwards and your shoulders will shrink a bit.


Your neck should be in the neutral position, dropping backwards. You should never strain your neck. And make your throat hard.

Many a times, it happens, if you try to be in this pose for a longer time, you start feeling a blackout. JUST AVOID THAT and relax, when such a thing happens.


Step 5: Just be in this pose for 30-60 seconds. Don’t jerk yourself and get up. Rather, just follow it slowly. First, get your hands in the front of your pelvis.

Inhale and relax again. Push your hips towards the ground and get your hands to the front of your pelvis. Take rest for a few minutes and be in the child pose and repeat it for 5-6 times, or as and when you feel comfortable.

Benefits Of This Asana

  • Helps overcome menstrual discomfort in women
  • Improves flexibility and bends the spine backwards
  • Aids in an ideal digestive process
  • Helps strengthen the back and shoulder muscles
  • Relieves lower back ache

It is actually tough to perform this pose, especially on the note when your shoulders are tight or you have a spondylitis problem. In such a case, you can take support of the wall for your back and neck.

You should enjoy YOGA, instead of later cribbing for some jerk or pain, if you push yourself against doing it.

Keep on relaxing at regular intervals and then perform the pose. Also, ensure that you don’t get misbalanced as a beginner and hurt yourself. Gradually, you can feel the wonderful effects of the pose and there will be improvement in your posture.

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