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Yoga Asanas For Back Pain Relief
Back pain in general, and lower back pain in particular, is a common healthcare problem. It is usually identified as pain, stiffness or muscle tension in the region of the back, either with or without accompanying sciatica (leg pain) . ...
Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

The True Essence Of Yoga
Is yoga a part of your life? At least are you considering including yoga for a healthy lifestyle? If yes, then it is worth delving deep into what yoga actually means. Many of us have been exposed to yoga as a ...
Yoga Poses To Treat Asthma
Asthma is a respiratory condition in which some things trigger the bronchi of the lungs, causing them to swell and block the airways . Asthma attacks have been known to be quite deadly if not treated on time. Though asthma ...
Yoga Asanas To Treat Asthma
11 Effective Yoga Poses To Treat Muscle Pain
None of us are strangers to muscle pain and sore tissues. The pain is not the culmination of any single act but a result of the modern lifestyle and habits. The profusely stressful schedule and work hours build up a lot ...
Most Common Yoga Injuries And How To Avoid Them
Yoga has always been considered very good for the overall wellness and health. However, not performing the yoga in the correct manner, can lead to injuries that can be quite painful and would take quite some time to heal completely. ...
Most Common Yoga Injuries And How To Avoid Them
Sudarshan Kriya: A Yoga Technique For Your Overall Well-being
Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful rhythmic breathing technique. It is an effortless process that helps to de-stress and remove the negativity by drawing you into a deep state of meditation. ‘Su' means proper, and ‘darshan' means vision. In yogic science ‘Kriya' ...
5 Effective Yoga Poses To Get Toned Abs
Belly fats are stubborn, we know that! And there are thousands of articles out there on the internet teaching you a new ab-workout regimen to shed belly fat. While it's true that there's more than one formula for a flat belly, ...
Yoga Poses For Toned Abs
5 Yoga Asanas That Help You Build Enormous Body Strength
It's not unknown that a weak body does nothing apart from disheartening your spirit. You must already know how badly reduced stamina, nerve instability and weakened immunity exhaust your body. And as a result of it, everything you do gets stressful ...
The Beginner’s Guide To Yoga For Building Ultimate Strength
You don't really need to be intimidated by the advanced yoga asanas and transitions that you see on YouTube. With all due respect, those people often make you feel like they were simply born strong and you don't stand a chance. ...
The Beginner S Guide To Yoga For Building Ultimate Strength
Neurochemistry Of Addiction And How Yoga Can Help
We all have experiences in our life that make us happy, put a smile on our face, and give us a "high". It could be achieving a deadline at work, shopping, that warm chocolate cookie, or just curling up in front ...
Neurochemistry Of Addiction And How Yoga Can Help
8 Yoga Exercises For Increasing Sperm Count
Low sperm count can decrease the chances of becoming fertile. Low sperm count or oligospermia is a health disorder which is characterized by less number of sperms which is one of the causes of male infertility. Here in this article, we ...

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