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Gomukhasana Or Cow Face Pose To Increase Breast Size

By: Mona Verma

Many women are conscious with the size of their breast and they feel shy and unhappy about it at times. In order to enhance the size, few females are even ready to undergo painful and expensive breast-enlargement surgeries.

It's a good chance for such females to follow Gomukhasana and surgery isn't the only way to boost the size of your bust.

Following yoga helps you to change naturally, and economically. What yoga can do, none of the surgeries can help out in that manner and that too without giving you any side effects.


Though there are many poses to follow to enhance your bust size, the best and most convenient one is Gomukhasana.

Let's read in the following lines, how this asana is supposed to be performed.

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Step-By-Step Procedure To Follow While Doing This Asana

Step 1: To start with this pose, sit in a half lotus pose and just extend your legs completely.

Step 2: Start with you left knee first. Gently bend it and try bringing your left heel up to your right hip.

Step 3: Thereafter, just bend your right knee; just raise your right leg over the left thigh. Make sure the alignment of your knees is proper, so that it is one above the other. Though, it's rarely done at one go, especially for the first time. So, don't push yourself to be perfect at the first go. Gradually, you'll attain perfection.


Step 4: Your feet should be aligned well and balanced.

Step 5: Slowly, bend your left arm over your shoulder, behind your back.


Step 6: Now, your right arm should be under your shoulder, behind your back.

Step 7: Just criss cross your fingers behind your back, i.e., interlock them.


Step 8: Just maintain this position for about 30 seconds.

Step 9: Change your position, that is, both legs and arms and repeat the steps. Do it 4-5 times and gradually, extend the duration.

This pose helps you in toning and stretching the core muscles of your body. Nevertheless, it also leans down your muscles, arms and makes your tummy smaller, giving it a nice shape. Hence, your busts get larger and firmer.


Other Benefits Of This Asana

  • Increases the elasticity of the chest
  • Shapes up the hip joints
  • Relieves tension from the shoulder girdle
  • Stretches inner ankle ligaments
  • Helps treat depression, tension and stress
  • Helps treat sciatica and stiffness in the back muscles

Avoid doing this asana in case of a hand, neck, hip or shoulder injury. You could consult a doctor before performing this asana.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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